8 Moral Values That You Must Teach Your Kids Today!

We all want to see our kids as righteous and well-adjusted individuals. Good moral values are of esteem importance for every kid/student. But many of these values are not inborn in all the kids. Most of the time, these qualities need to be inculcated in them, so that they grow up as responsible individuals for the family and play their part in society as well.

What are Moral Values?

Moral values are the sense of right and wrong as per the accepted norms and standards of the society. These are the basis of ethical behavior, hence our society emphasis on inculcating these moral values for kids from the early years of their formal education. In our everyday lives, these moral values or principles help us to apply our understanding of good and bad in varied contexts. We often choose our responses, or our actions on the basis of these virtues. And it is also a firm foundation that develops our abilities to be active contributors to the society at large.

Be it relationships or one’s student life, these ethics or values support an individual throughout the life. These virtues not just help us in perceiving situations. But also contributes to our individual choices across all stages of life.

Do you know that some of the most important aspects of our lives are directly related to our morality or moral values? 

survey proves that morality is an important virtue for Indians. Because they consider honesty, respect, social justice, and happy relationships as imperative aspects of their lives.

This article will help us understand these qualities, and their relevance for our kids in their student life.

Let’s take up a list of 8 Moral values that you must inculcate in your Kids today!

1. Taking Ownership of One’s Actions

One of the most important moral values for student is to be accountable for his/her own actions. This means that the child must know the repercussions of his/her actions. And should always weigh the pros and cons of action before indulging in it. This sense of ownership is also essential in one’s academic journey. Because it is the basis of telling them the differences between right and wrong actions, right since the initial stages of their formal education.

This quality empowers the child to face competition later in life. And makes him/her more calculative while making decisions in adulthood.

2. Compassion

Compassion is another great quality that your kid must have in order to grow up as an empathetic person. Teach the kid to feel the pain of others. And also to offer help in times of need. This quality is the basis of handling relationships better as the individual knows how to treat others well.

Being compassionate also makes one more likable. And such people succeed in establishing better connections in life. The best way to teach your kid the importance of moral values is to raise a child with a pet at home. Studies state that attachment for pets leads to more prosocial and humane behavior in kids.

3. Being Respectful to Others

Respect is another essential quality that your child must have. And most importantly you should teach your kids to respect everyone and not just the elders. This respect should be for things and all people around. Because it makes the individual righteous and thankful for what all he/she has in life. As parents, we have to model the right behavior for the kids to learn. As they always look up to the adults around them. And learn their ways of behaving and interacting accordingly.

A child who knows how to respect adjusts easily in any group in life. And later respects other members of the society for their views, opinions, cultures, and other lifestyle differences.

4. Perseverance

Perseverance is the zeal to continue trying even when the results are not in your favor. This quality is again the basis of a successful individual. Because it makes a person stronger in life despite hardships. With this value, we make our kids ready for the challenges of adulthood. As we have to prepare them for several unforeseen goods and unpleasant happenings of life.

This virtue is also the cornerstone of success in academics. Because all kids have their own workable areas despite their inherent capabilities and exceptional caliber. Parents must nurture this virtue in their kids. And our teachers should also include moral values in education to cement these virtues as the cornerstone of success later in life.

5. Integrity

Moving on to the next virtue, let’ discuss integrity now. Teach your kids integrity and lead by example. Make them aware of the consequences of lying. And encourage speaking the truth all the time. Set clear expectations. And always tell them the value of being righteous in life.

Always make sure that you guide your kids to make good friends. And keep an eye on the company they choose to be in. Be a friend for the child and support by guiding him/her without sounding like a bossy parent.

6. Intrinsic Motivation

A motivated individual has defined directions in life. And knows how to go about achieving his/her life goals. This quality is essential to combat life challenges. Because it is not possible for anyone to succeed each time in life. Moral and ethical values empower our kids to stay strong even when they face defeat. And adds to their learning with continuous efforts without feeling demotivated

The BBC states that intrinsic motivation and learning are interrelated. And the former accelerates the process of the latter.

As parents, you can foster these qualities in your kids easily while being at home. And the best way to do this is to appreciate them and attach rewards to their performances and achievements to motivate them.

7. Collaboration and Teamwork

Collaboration skills are imperative in this competitive era of success in the global workforce. These skillsets make our kids fit for adulthood. And also define their productivity in almost all stages of education and career. Collaboration is also important to make kids creative. And strong collaboration skills sharpen the unique skillsets of individuals within a team.

Today, our education systems also focus on extending these skills. And online schools design special techniques to inculcate these skills in new-age learners. Such online schooling platforms purposely design strategies to foster collaboration in the students.

Try to arrange for activities that involve other partners/kids and let the child work as a team with simple problems.

8. Conflict Management

Conflicts and disagreements are a part of our everyday lives. Hence, it is essential to teach our kids the art of staying calm and managing conflicts with an unbiased approach. They must know how to analyze the situations by keeping their own choices, preferences, and opinions about the other person at bay.

The power to assess situations and overcome conflicts is one of the great qualities of a successful individual. That makes him/her stand the test of time.

Final thoughts:

This dynamic world is changing at a fast pace. And we need to keep ourselves updated with it to make the most of our lives. Moral values make an individual respectable and emotionally stable.

So do not miss out on teaching these important moral values to your loved one. And be a proud witness of a slowly growing joy!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are basic moral values?
    Basic moral values are the guidelines that determine an individual’s understanding of good and bad.
  • What are the 5 core moral values?
    5 core moral values are as follows:
    • Responsibility
    • Compassion
    • Respect
    • Perseverance
    • Integrity
  • What is the meaning of moral?
    The word moral is mostly associated with good/righteous behavior. Broadly moral meaning is the similar to one’s ethical behavior. 
  • Name the 10 moral values
    10 moral values for students are:
    • Responsibility
    • Compassion
    • Respect
    • Perseverance
    • Integrity
    • Politeness
    • Honesty
    • Intrinsic Motivation
    • Teamwork
    • Conflict Management
  • What is the moral values meaning in the present times?
    In the present times, the world is facing global challenges such as financial struggles, health and family related stress etc. It is important to nurture moral values even more in this complex world to combat the uncertainty better. 

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