Fee Refund Policy

K8 school ensures the satisfaction of students and children, which associates with our schooling system. However, due to some reason one feels dissatisfied with the service provided by the school or is unable to pursue/complete the enrolled courses, K8 school provides a flexible fee refund policy for such students.

K8 school provides a no-questions-asked, 100 percent refund (except registration fee, which isn’t refunded under any case) within the first 24 hours after Enrollment.

In case of cancellation/withdrawal, the concerned personnel is requested to send the notice of cancellation via email at [email protected] with the subject as ‘Request for cancellation’.

No refund will be made by the school if the enrollment follows a Quarterly Payment Plan. If one wishes to withdraw at any point in time, K8 school requests you to cancel the payment process at your end.

Annual Payment

No refund can be claimed after 90 days** of Enrollment.

After 24 hours of enrollment, the following Refund Policy will apply to the enrolled students:

Period After Enrollment* % of Course Fee Refunded
Within 15 days** 50
Within 16-30 days** 35
Within 31-60 days** 25
Within 61-90 days** 15
After 90 days** 0

* The refund/withdrawal must be initiated within the time frame.

**(Calendar) Days are calculated on a 24-hour basis, irrespective of the time zone.

Fees refund policy for K8 students

While mailing the school one’s withdrawal request, kindly follow the following format to ease the process of refund (if any).

Bank Account Holder’s name: ____________________________

Bank Account Number: ____________________________

Bank Address: ____________________________

IFSC Code: ____________________________

Personal Address: ____________________________

Enrolled Course: ____________________________

Kindly note that a refund will be made (if any) ONLY to the bank account from which the fee was paid. The refund amount (if any) will be exclusive of handling fee & transaction fee.

Without the specified format, the request will not be entertained.

Note:In case of concealment/misrepresentation of personal, academic, or any other detail by the student/guardian or/and in case of submission of false/fake documents by student/guardian, no refund shall apply.

Note: No refund of Registration Fees of INR 1000 will be made under any circumstances.

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