K8 School is India’s first accredited online school. The school is for all Kindergarten to 8 graders. It facilitates the best combination of world-class school education, traditional Indian values, modern-world skills, and character-building learning. 

Accreditation is an integral component of quality control in education. It assures consistent and comprehensive progress on all facets like content, quality of delivery, profile of team, quality of IT infrastructure etc.

K8 School is accredited with Cognia, which is the largest and the most prestigious consortium of accredited schools in the world, with 3 US Regional Accreditors, NCA CASI, SACS CASI & NWAC. For more details visit  K8 School: Accreditation.

K8 School is designed and curated to provide solutions to all the learning and teaching woes. K8 School is an online school that means that learners get access to their devices and are not required to go and attend classes physically. The school is learner-focused, learner-friendly, and absolutely safe for all.

The vision of K8 School is to create a learner-friendly school that ensures and provides world-class quality of learning & teaching, motivating learners to excel in academics, career, interpersonal relationships, and life and develop into individuals who are willing, able and matured to contribute towards sustainable development of self, others, society, and world.

The students and teachers are provided with the login Id to get access to the learning platform for the resources. This learning platform can be used as per the convenience of the learner without any time restrictions. 

K8 School works on the foundation to impart seven core elements- Communication, Concept, Clarity, Application, Innovation, and Compassion, among the learners. 

The core elements are imparted throughout the curriculum at all levels. Specific strategies and methodologies are used to nurture these core elements among the learners.

The learning platform used by K8 School characteristically features:    
⦁ user-friendly interface
⦁ gamified learning approaches
⦁ multiple assessment tools
⦁ intriguing, interactive and responsive design features

Of the many advantages of learning from K8 School includes:
⦁ flexible and accessible learning
⦁ customized learning as per the learner’s need
⦁ counseling at various levels with all the associated personnel.
⦁ learning in a comfortable home environment
⦁ 21st-century skill development through courses
⦁ international curriculum for the national framework

Learning as per the demands and the needs of the learner is what is referred to as customized learning. In customized learning, every child receives education and learning which is tailor-made for them only.

The subjects offered at Kindergarten level are play-based. Apart from the core academic subjects such as English, Maths, Science, and Physical Education along with subjects like learning about me, learning through play, learning through arts and wellness.

The core subjects offered at the primary level include English, Mathematics, Science, Arts, Music and Physical Education along with skill-based such as Cursive Handwriting and Introduction to typing. 

The core subjects offered in the middle level include English, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Social Studies along with skill-based subjects such as Arts, Music, Introduction to programming, Nutrition and Fitness, Health and Pre-Algebra.

The skill-based subjects are the subjects whose main objective is to develop and enhance specific skills among the learners as per their age and psychological-level of development.

For the exceptional/ extraordinary learners, K8 School uses strategies like that of customized, motivating yet challenging pace. They are aided with the accelerated classes and expert attention and support.

For Slow Learners, the school provides self-paced learning concepts. The school also facilitates these learners by providing extra support, Extra Class, and Extra Attention.

Art and Music are usually integrated throughout the K8 curriculum. In elementary grade, they are taught as subjective but in middle school, they are referred to as skill-based subjects. 

The K8 School promotes environmental initiatives including- save trees- refuse paper, minimal use of toxic printing, pollution, saving electricity, safe environment, etc.

K8 School works in an association with the Enviro Foundation, which is the leading organization working for sustainable development of the environment. The digitized learning at K8 School works in the digital medium, which reduces the use of paper, transportation expenses, and provides safe and governed learning.

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