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How to Choose a School for your Child’s Best Schooling in India?

Selecting the perfect school for your child can be the most difficult choice for you as a parent. School selection is a task which calls for a rigorous comparison of fancy promises, colorful brochures, and the visits of schools premises. But as parents, we know that even the best advertisements cannot guarantee our child’s bright future. While your priority is to settle for nothing but the best schooling in India, the choices around can still leave you bamboozled!

As the innovative teaching and learning process has taken a giant stride, we have many more alternatives apart from the regular schools.

Innovative teaching and learning provides the best schooling in all India.

Yes! in this age of virtual education we have numerous options apart from the regular schools.

Because, this digital age has expanded the choices of online schools over and above the brick–and–mortar institutions for us. So now as parents, we are no more confined to just the renowned traditional schools around our locality.

As fully online virtual mediums now offer an alternative to full-fledged school education with the best innovative teaching and learning opportunities for students through online schooling in India.

So, if you are on a lookout for the best education for your child, do consider International curriculum schools and a digital schooling platform as great options for your search.

Be it online schooling or traditional, as Indian parents, there are things that we need to keep in mind while selecting the right school for our child.

Today, we are jotting down some of the important points that will help you choose the best schooling in india, for your beloved child!

Step 1 – Set Up a List of the Exact Requirements

A requirements list to help us in choosing the right school for our children's best schooling in India.

Expectation setting is one of the most important aspects that helps in finalizing the right school for you. So, instead of looking for the recommended options by friends and family, it is better to know exactly what you are looking for.

To simplify your task you should write down all your requirements and then start with a comparative study of the available options.
This task should include your child’s interests, personality types, special needs (if any), and other factors such as cost, prerequisites, assessment tools of schools, level of innovative teaching and learning, etc. So, once you are ready with this information, you can start looking for the right traditional/online schooling in India.

Remember to keep your list lined up in sequence as per priority, as this will help you to make a checklist of the best options easily during the shortlisting process.

Now that you are ready with your priorities and expectations, you can start with the search of the right schooling platform for your child.

This is the stage when you can shortlist the best available options through a rigorous study over the internet and printed material. Remember to check the recognition status, credibility, and additional opportunities for the holistic development of your child before you contact the school.

A well-planned search for selecting the right school for our child.

Once you are done with this research, you can get in touch with the school that convinces you by using their assessment tools and other features.

Next, you can start contacting the schools. Your first experience on-call/written communication can give you a feel of the school ambiance and their dedication towards the prospective admissions.

This stage becomes easy with a virtual schooling platform in India because your communication via e-mails and chats is more detailed and documented in this initial stage itself. Seek clarity about the points that rank high on your priority list. And then plan your physical visit/virtual school tour with the shortlisted institutions.

At this point make sure you consider the monitoring and evaluation framework of the schools to be double sure of their mechanisms.

Step 3 – Make your Visits or Virtual Sessions Informative

Make the best out of your virtual sessions which will ultimately help us choose the perfect school for the children.

We all know that any school prefers parents visiting their premises or virtual platforms before enrolling with them. But remember that within the welcoming ambiance of the new institution, you need to find out the real offerings as per your priority list.

So, now you need to go back to point number 1 and start scrutinizing all aspects to see what works best for you.

During this step, you will get a clear picture of the school’s standing and its suitability for your child. Make sure you ask about hidden charges, parental support, communication modes, and the past academic achievement records of the shortlisted ‘perfect school’. And you should be able to find answers to all your questions; Before you let your child sit for his evaluation tests (if any).

Still finding it complicated and difficult?

Well! It is also possible to skip all these steps and still make the right choice straightaway by selecting online schooling in India!

So, now you can cut down on all the tedious steps to choose the right school for your child. Because what you wish to get in a perfect school, is now available with virtual platforms to provide the best schooling in India.

2 thoughts on “How to Choose a School for your Child’s Best Schooling in India?”

  1. Suman

    I wish to enroll my child in a virtual school like you but I am a little unsure of human interactions in a virtual school. Will you please help?

  2. Asif

    Do you people conduct child’s interview and parent’s interview before enrolling? What are the admission criteria?

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