Outdoor activities play an important role in the development of kids. And they have many benefits that most parents are unaware of.

5 Outdoor Activities for Kids and their Role in Development

The revolutionary worldwide web era has brought every essential thing online, making everything easier. From booking airline tickets to a child’s complete education, everything can be done using a smart device and an internet connection. Parents are often worried about the physical development of their

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There are many techniques to instill problem solving skills into the students. But introducing these skills using fun activities is a really engaging and beneficial process.

5 Problem Solving Activities for Elementary Classrooms

Problem solving activities are great for learners to make decisions and to build confidence. These advanced skillsets are preparation for adulthood. And are imperative for success in this dynamic information age. As teachers, we often acknowledge the importance of these activities. But many times we fall short of ideas that can

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Helping the kids with their homework and studies is an imperative duty to us as parents.

How to be a Perfect Home Teacher for your Kid?

The pandemic created an uncertain situation, and at this difficult time parents had to take up the role of a home teacher for their kids. For many of us, it was quite a challenging task. But at the same time, it was a need of the hour to ensure the academic growth

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With the growing influence of technology in our everyday lives, technological literacy is now more than a necessity. This influence of digitalization has both beneficial and harmful effects.

Importance of Fostering Technological Literacy in this Digital World

Technological Literacy simply refers to the knowledge of making the right use of technology, while keeping security, creativity, responsibility, and effectiveness in mind. Today, digital skills are imperative for young learners right from the initial stages of formal education. Because they are growing up in the ‘Information Age’, which has the impact of technology in

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