Shift to online education in india

How to Adapt with the Immediate Shift to Online Education

The ‘COVID-19’ outbreak came with numerous challenges for the human race. In 2020 we witnessed a massive nationwide lockdown, our student population got deprived of the regular face-to-face classes completely. So we all had to hastily shift to online education  And remote learning replaced the

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Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

Meaning & Benefits of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) means evaluating a student’s performance to gauge the essential domains of development. It is a continuous process planned periodically in the form of tests and assessments. Broadly, this process focuses on the development of the essential domains namely cognitive, affective,

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How to Make the Most of Your Virtual Learning Space

The pandemic has showcased the importance of a virtual learning space like never before. This challenging time revealed the vulnerability of traditional schooling platforms. And also highlighted a pathway towards a more stable alternative. As online schooling has proved its potential during the virus outbreak,

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