Grade 6

Language Arts 1

Using a motif of Heroes, Helpers, and Hope, students in the MJ Language Arts 1 course will acquire the reading, writing, language, and speaking/listening skills necessary for success in college, career, and beyond.  Students will become critical readers and thinkers as they delve into fiction and informational texts within the course.  They will also learn to effectively write narrative, informational, and argumentative pieces and present their ideas clearly and cohesively.

Major Topics and Concepts

  • Developing an idea
  • Identifying theme
  • Plot pattern
  • Comparing and contrasting mediums
  • Using context clues
  • Thesaurus and dictionary skills
  • Determining the central/main idea
  • Paraphrasing a text
  • Writing a summary
  • How authors express ideas differently
  • How word choice affects meaning and tone
  • Using spelling rules
  • Using diverse media formats
  • Determining relevant information
  • Changes in language
  • Analyzing major characters
  • Mood and point of view
  • Elements of drama
  • History of drama
  • Language patterns in historical texts
  • Soliloquy and monologue
  • Mood in drama
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