Grade 6

Comprehensive Science 1

Comprehensive Science 1 is the first in a series of three consecutive science classes. This course provides an introduction to science, energy, forces, weather, climate, Earth’s systems, and the living world. Some topics are explored in depth while others are introduced to serve as building blocks for M/J Comprehensive Science 2 and 3. Students explore science through everyday examples and experiences and participate in activities and online laboratory experiences to apply what they have learned.

Major Topics and Concepts

  • Gravitational Law
  • Types of Forces
  • Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
  • Speed and Motion
  • Graphing Speed
  • Energy Transfer
  • Landforms
  • Weathering and Erosion
  • Shaping the Surface
  • Spheres of Earth
  • Heat Transfer
  • Advanced Heat Transfer Through Earth
  • Energy and Temperature
  • Weather and Climate
  • Global Weather Patterns
  • The Water Cycle and Its Effects
  • The Atmosphere and You
  • Advanced Predicting Severe Weather
  • Organization of Organisms
  • Cells and the Structure of Life
  • Cell Structure and Functions
  • Advanced Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes
  • Maintaining Balance
  • Advanced Cell Cycle and Mitosis
  • Classification
  • Keys and Kingdoms
  • Nervous and Musculoskeletal
  • Endocrine and Reproductive
  • Digestive and Excretory
  • Respiratory and Circulatory
  • Infections and Health
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