Grade 7

Coding Fundamentals

Learn the basic building blocks of coding using HTML to create a web page and use the in-course Python Guided Activity to try your hand at programming with Python. You’ll learn how to use functions and loops to write small programs and create basic graphics. In addition, you will learn about career opportunities in the coding field. This course will give you the experience you need to begin coding on your own, and it will get you ready to take more advanced coding courses in the future! This course provides middle school elective credit. 

Major Topics and Concepts

  • Understanding HTML
  • Designing with HTML
  • Adding Color with HTML
  • Linking and Testing HTML
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Solving Problems with Algorithms
  • Python Variables
  • Coding with Python
  • User Input
  • If and Else Statements
  • Databases
  • Concatenation
  • Project Management
  • Turtle Graphics 
  • Loops
  • Binary Numbers 
  • Calculating with Python 
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