Grade 8

Digital Information Technology

This exciting course provides you with the foundational skills needed for future careers in a variety of technological fields. You’ll explore emerging technologies, digital design, Microsoft Office online applications, operating systems, and much more! Learn your strengths and how they relate to potential career opportunities.

Major Topics and Concepts

  • Computer hardware, software, folder structure, file naming, and computer maintenance
  • Communication tools, Office Online applications, keyboarding, ergonomics, email, calendar, contacts, and Word Online features
  • Copyright laws, ethical decision-making, workplace essentials, personal and interpersonal skills, emerging technologies and their impact on a global marketplace, constructive criticism, conflict resolution, and project management
  • Excel Online features, including: entering data, creating formulas, using different functions, adding charts and tables, databases, and mail merge
  • Web terminology, basic GUI preferences, URL, and downloading files
  • Web pages, HTML, color theory, storyboarding, WYSIWYG software, and media/images on a web page
  • PowerPoint Online, including: creating a presentation; using different slide layouts, themes, images and videos; applying color theory, transitions, and animations in presentations
  • Career opportunities in the business environment, career plans and life goals, personal strengths and weaknesses, and job-seeking skills
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