Grade 6


The purpose of teaching art in Grade 6 is to encourage the students to create art using new artistic ideas, materials, methods and creative approaches.

Learning Objectives

  • The learner is encouraged to collaborate to create art.
  • The learner explores the ways through which art and materials affect the environment.
  • The learner learns the influence of art design on people.
  • The learner is introduced to the three-dimensional art form.
  • The learner gains the importance of the concept of preserving art.

Learning Outcomes

The learner is able to:

  • apply new artistic ideas, materials, methods and creative approaches;
  • determine the clarity of the expressed message or emotion in an art form;
  • draw comparison between two-dimensional and three-dimensional art forms;
  • analyze art form around the world;
  • understand the values and lifestyle expressed in the art form from different regions of the world.
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