Grade 6


The purpose of music in Grade 6 is to allow the learner to express ideas and creativity through music . 

Learning Objectives

  • The learner expresses ideas and creativity through music.
  • The learner applies music terminology to different instrument groups.
  • The learner learns to read music.
  • The learner discusses different forms of music and popular songs within worldwide music.
  • The learner composes and renders music extemporaneously.

Learning Outcomes

The learner is able to:

  • perform, individually and as an ensemble, rhythmic, melodic and harmonic patterns, in simple and compound time;
  • demonstrate a higher level of proficiency on a main melodic instrument, demonstrating understanding of the elements of music;
  • listen to the music of various cultures and styles and respond through various modes of expression to musical elements;
  • sing with accuracy, clarity and with proper technique and clear articulation, a wide variety of songs in both simple and compound time;
  • identify and discuss music from the following genres in the local scene.
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