Grade 7

Introduction to Computer Programming

The  course is  for middle school students,  which provides a foundation for future programming courses wherein students gain a broad overview of computer programming by exploring the logic, thought processes, and basic elements of writing code.


  • The learner possesses a foundational understanding of programming.
  • The learner gains a broad overview of computer programming by exploring the logic.
  • The learner examines various programming languages, databases, and the Internet.
  • The learner relates the course concepts to daily life by investigating careers in technology.
  • The learner responsibly navigates through digital society.


The learner is able to:

  • understand the difference between an operating system and an application program;
  • program a computer using one programming language in the world, either to solve math and science problems or to create interactive apps, games, and experiences;
  • gain a basic understanding of the science and engineering of computers, both on the hardware side (electrical engineering) and the software (algorithms);
  • apply tools and techniques for data protection;
  • develop computational thinking skills.
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