Grade 8


The purpose of teaching Middle School Health, learners  begin to learn and adopt healthier lifestyles, diets, exercise routines, and family dynamics.


  • The learner develops a deeper understanding of the concept of mental health and its impacts on the overall health of any individual directly.
  • The learner learns about communicable and non-communicable diseases.
  • The learner discovers the importance of parents and peers in shaping one’s life.
  • The learner understands the role of nutrition in a meal.
  • The learner develops the confidence to make decisions for self.


The learner is able to:

  • focus on personal fitness and realize how food influences growth and development;
  • channelize emotions in a positive direction;
  • encourage peers to take care of themselves;
  • spread awareness about disease prevention techniques within capacities;
  • prohibit the use of alcohol , drugs and tobacco for ownself by taking an informed decision.
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