Grade 8


The purpose of music in grade 8 is to introduce the learner to a variety of music genres and instruments while simultaneously exploring the concepts of rhythm, melody, timbre, texture , dynamics and forms.


  • The learner explores the history, development, and attributes of music.
  • The learner gains in depth knowledge about music theory.
  • The learner learns  interpret performances, and they compose and perform their own song.
  • The learner uses traditional and/ or homemade instruments to investigate relationships between musical expression and place.
  • The learner develops music reading skills.


The learner is able to:

  • interpret music sheets for various genre;
  • practice performing  music vocally and with a pitched instrument;
  • Pose questions about sound to guide inquiry into the expressive and symbolic use of sound and silence;
  • demonstrate sensitivity to the ways voices change with age and musical experiences;  
  • investigate and manipulate elements of music and principles of composition including tension and resolution.
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