Grade 8

Physical Education

The purpose of teaching Physical Education to the learners of Grade-8 is to encourage health, emotional, and social literacy for their holistic growth thus, enabling them to enjoy being active and healthy throughout their lives.


  • The learner becomes aware of the multiple facets for developing a healthy lifestyle.
  • The learner focuses on 72 hours of supervised physical activity during the course of the subject.
  • The learner comprehends connections between thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • The learner receives instruction on the basic elements and the proper execution of each movement in order to get the most benefits from the exercise.
  • The learner becomes active by performing different exercises, engaging in different activities.


The learner is able to:

  • get motivated and move for a certain amount of time within each lesson;
  • develop the habit of maintaining healthy eating habits;
  • develop a sense of considerations of self and others;
  • modify activities as per the availability of resources;
  • plan and perform recreational activities.
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