Grade 2


The Elementary Spanish Level Two course allows students to learn new Spanish vocabulary. The course also begins to teach letter sounds and syllables in the target language. Students will explore the culture and traditions of Peru. They will also learn new vocabulary and more about the Peruvian culture through interactive games and different forms of practice activities.

Major Topics and Concepts

  • Greetings, introductions, and goodbyes
  • Peruvian culture
  • Vowels a, e, i, o, u
  • Peruvian animals
  • Family members
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
  • Whales
  • The ocean
  • Sea animals
  • Months of the year
  • Seasons
  • Express plurals
  • Picnic words
  • Possession using mi and tu
  • Numbers 1-50  
  • Peru
  • Independence Day
  • False cognates
  • People in my community
  • No one and nobody
  • Directional words
  • Land and sky
  • Nazca lines
  • Asking and answering simple questions
  • Letters c, g, j, d, r, rr, h, and f and their syllables
  • Machu Picchu
  • Places people live
  • Filling out a form
  • Rhyming and poetry
  • Landforms
  • Clear and dark
  • Time on the hour
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