Grade 5


In Art Grade 5, students are exposed to many styles of art—painting, pottery, glassblowing, sculpting, and graphic design. In addition to the learning about the elements of art like line, space, color, shape, value, form, and texture, this course introduces students to all types of careers in art fields. Students will build upon their art techniques, learn the art of critique, and virtually travel across the world to explore how language and music influence art in different countries.

Major Topics and Concepts

  • Elements of art: line, shape, color, and space
  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes
  • Geometric, irregular, and organic shapes
  • Tertiary colors
  • Polychromatic, monochromatic, and grayscale color palettes
  • Value
  • Overlapping, layering, shading
  • Landscapes, portraits and self portraits
  • Movement, repetition, and unity
  • Local artists
  • Inspiration and process
  • Etching, collages, and photomontages
  • Copyright law
  • Elements of art: texture and form
  • Form through three-dimensional art
  • Symbols
  • Inspiration from nature
  • Rock art
  • Gustav Klimt, Henry Moore, Jean Arp, and Reuven Rubin
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