Grade 5


The Computer Science Grade 5 course will enable students to develop basic skills in computer science through engaging and age-appropriate content. The course will expose students to concepts such as problem-solving, algorithms, security/privacy/copyright, computer programming basics, and keyboarding skills. Students will learn block-based coding in offline environments. In addition, students will learn about using technology responsibly, being good digital citizens, recognizing cyberbullying, and communicating effectively and safely with technology.

Major Topics and Concepts

  • Adaptive technologies
  • The impact technology has on people’s lives
  • Digital footprints
  • Using technology to communicate
  • Proper netiquette
  • Internet safety
  • Cyberbullying
  • Digital citizenship
  • Correct hand and finger placement for typing
  • Creating code in Scratch
  • Understanding coding concepts such as functions, events, and parallelism
  • Identifying a bug in the code and debugging the code
  • Computer organization and personalization
  • Operating systems
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cyber safety
  • Boolean logic
  • Website reliability
  • Plagiarism, copyright, and copyright infringement
  • Free resources, public domain, and Creative Commons
  • Academic integrity
  • Fair use and free use
  • Works-cited page and using citations
  • Word Online
  • Formatting and proofing tools
  • Functions, events, and initial conditions in code
  • Debugging code
  • Media and multimedia
  • Pride and ownership in work
  • Publishing and collaboration, feedback, constructive criticism, and peer conferencing
  • Coding in Scratch
  • Loops and parallelism in code
  • Keyboarding
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