Online Grade 1 program

Grade 1 at K8 School mainly aims at providing a foundational curriculum for lifelong learning of students. The curriculum is structured in a perfect online learning environment wherein students are motivated to advance their level of knowledge progressively as they proceed to higher grades. Grade 1 being the first level in our primary school emphasizes on the building blocks of each concept taught so that students are well integrated within the framework.

The children at this age:

  • can understand the information that it can physically touch and feel and is within its mental grasp;
  • show improved emotional stability;
  • want independence from family and seek acceptance from peers.



The objective of teaching English in Grade-1 is to familiarize the learner with…


The objective of teaching Mathematics is to develop the skills of problem…


The objective of teaching Science in grade-1  is to equip learners to form a..


The purpose of teaching Arts in Grade-1 is to introduce the learner about…


The purpose of teaching Music in Grade-1 is to introduce the learner about…

Physical Education

The purpose of teaching Physical Education in Grade-1 is to encourage learners…

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