Grade 1


The purpose of teaching Arts in Grade-1 is to introduce the learner about various ways through which one can express ideas and demonstrate their creativity through art.



  • The learner develops the creative skills required to foster personality development.
  • The learner makes use of paints, oil pastels, brushes and shading pencils to perform activities.


  • The learner develops an appreciation of various forms of  art  and develops a preferred kind.
  • The learner performs various art-related skills with family and peers.


  • The learner develops an understanding of art when exposed to various kinds of information.
  • The learner differentiates between primary, secondary and tertiary colors.


  • The learner applies the teacher taught and self-taught techniques and concepts while performing artistic skills.
  • The learner learns to imbibe creativity in performing activities related to other courses.


  • The learner initiates in performing preferred kind of art.
  • The learner develops inquisitiveness about various art forms.


  • The learner develops compassion towards art and society.
  • The learner respects people from artistic career fields.


Concept - The learner is able to:

  • recognize elements of various art  forms;
  • identify principles of design.

Confidence - The learner is able to:

  • use their imagination to create art;
  • develop artistic skills and basic art-understanding.

Clarity - The learner is able to:

  • categorize various artworks in groups;
  • develop and carry out a plan to create and revise their work.

Application - The learner is able to:

  • create art-work outside the school;
  • depict daily life through artwork.

Innovation - The learner is able to:

  • initiate the process of creating a personal art portfolio;
  • experiment with mixing colors.

Compassion - The learner is able to:

  • explore the importance of working with others by collaborating both to create art and to solve artistic problems;
  • promote peers to execute more artistic activities for recreation.
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