Grade 2


The objective of teaching English in Grade-2 is to form the basics of the language among learners, thus, enabling one to communicate effectively and aiding the development of their listening, reading, and speaking skills. 



  • The learner develops familiarity with the phonetics of the language.
  • The learner communicates clearly and be expressive of his views, thoughts, and ideas.


  • The learner appreciates language as a means of gaining social acceptance.
  • The learner uses language as an aid to create self-identity.


  • The learner gets a clear view of the emotional and technical aspects of the language.
  • The learner performs listening and speaking skills with more commitment.


  • The learner feels compassion and respect towards the language.
  • The learner begins to work with others to promote qualities such as team-work.


Communication - The learner is able to:

  • pronounce and write all 3-5 letter words;
  • picture and relate words with objects.

Confidence - The learner is able to:

  • use one’s voice as a means to gain attention;
  • effectively and efficiently present one’s thoughts in one’s social circle.

Clarity - The learner is able to:

  • develop language as a medium to communicate, comprehend, and acquire knowledge;
  • be intrinsically motivated to learn more.

Compassion - The learner is able to:

  • understand and appreciate the contribution of using language as a medium to share, provide, give and receive thoughts effectively;
  • use language to identify and appreciate through components of nature.
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