Grade 3


The purpose of teaching the English language in Grade-3 is to facilitate the learners to be responsive and critical of their surroundings and thus, aiding their listening, speaking, reading, and speaking skills.



  • The learner successfully identifies, spells, and pronounces 5-7 letter words.
  • The learner expresses oneself with ease and be critical of one surroundings.
  • The learner uses English as a primary-acquired language in everyday communication.


  • The learner creates one’s own social space with peers.
  • The learner uses language as a tool for personality development.
  • The learner gains the confidence to participate in various activities and discussions.


  • The learner develops the skill of understanding basic  emotional aspects of the language.
  • The learner understands the concept of pronouns and adjectives with accuracy.
  • The learner summarizes texts by identifying main elements of a story.


  • The learner feels compassionate and respectful towards the language
  • The learner develops mutual respect for peers.
  • The learner begins to work with others to promote qualities such as team-work.


Communication - The learner is able to:

  • Form simple sentences using a given group of words;
  • Recognize various figures of speeches;
  • Create a word web effectively.

Confidence - The learner is able to:

  • Participate in various activities and discussions;
  • Effectively emote one’s thoughts, ideas, and beliefs;
  • Learn commutative and collaborative skills.

Clarity - The learner is able to:

  • Express with a clear point of view;
  • Develop language as a medium to communicate, comprehend, and acquire knowledge;
  • Be intrinsically motivated to learn more.

Compassion - The learner is able to:

  • Sympathize and empathize with others;
  • Understand and appreciate the contribution of using language as a medium to share, provide, give and receive thoughts effectively;
  • Use language to identify and appreciate through components of nature.
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