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article elaborates women in leadership roles

Women Leadership: The Catalyst promoting gender inclusiveness in India

“There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.” 

– W.E.B. Dubois

This beautiful women’s day message is perfect to highlight their unparalleled contribution in the recent times of the global pandemic.

At this challenging time, the world witnessed the might of women power once again

As they rose and stood firm with the male counterparts to battle against the biggest threat of the recent times

From political leaders to medical practitioners, policymakers, and administrators, leadership in women played a vital role in subsiding the threats both during and post the pandemic.

Indeed, it was impossible to handle the pandemic crisis without the support of the female power across the world.

This year the International women’s day celebrated across the world has a theme ‘Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world’

This reminds us about the importance of gender inclusiveness in the current times to combat challenges like the pandemic.

On this special day let’s applaud these pillars of the society who play their part beautifully and rendered their unconditional support at each step

Here are some of their underrated achievements.

Leadership in women -A life-saving blessing

A leading news media publishing company has revealed the power-packed performance of the female-led countries during the pandemic. This report shows that in comparison with the male counterparts, female leaders were more ‘proactive’ and ‘sensitive’ towards the risk of lives within their geographical boundaries. So, this crisis unveiled the might of a gender-inclusive society.

Leadership in women made prompt and citizen-centric decisions in times of emergency. And evidently, many female-led nations reported a reduced percentage of deaths in comparison with the male-led countries.

These examples are enough to understand the responsiveness and compassion of female leaders in a society that ironically struggles to provide equality for them.

Our female health workforce proved to be superior frontline support, apparently much more than the male counterparts

In fact, 70% of the COVID-19 health care workforce comprised only women

Our female COVID warriors demonstrated an invincible spirit to succeed at this time. The battle with the virus was worse for them with their physical, social, and family conditions. But despite all odds, these female heroes in PPE suits rendered their unprecedented support. To make this happen, they had to ignore their personal life and faced numerous physical challenges.

Indeed, we can never thank them enough for their courage and selfless sacrifices that saved the lives of our countrymen.

Hopefully, these examples during the pandemic will help us to understand the importance of girl education better. This duration has once again revealed the capabilities of a social setting that is free from gender biases and embraces inclusion.

Women across the world used their multitasking skills both at a personal and professional front 

‘New normal’, ‘quarantine’, ‘precautions’, and ‘work from home’ are not merely some terms during the outbreak. All these additions in our real lives hit the females badly. Because they had to manage work, kids, family, household chores. And yet ensured the safety of their near and dear ones SINGLEHANDEDLY!

Most of us never realized how hard a woman’s life was during the pandemic. But our PROTECTIVE PILLARS OF THE SOCIETY managed all the dimensions of their lives beautifully. Surprisingly, most of the time, they did all this without any fallback options!

But despite the exemplary contributions of women in all aspects of life, most of their efforts were underrepresented and unnoticed

The demon of gender inequality once again devoured the rights of women and made their situation even worse during the outbreak. From the massive gender poverty gaps to gender-based violence females across the world had to bear the brunt of the pandemic more than the menfolk. A sad reality of our society that still suffers from gender biases and exploitation.

This Women’s day, let’s live the idea of gender inclusiveness and acknowledge our women-power for their courage and unprecedented support.

Because, gender inclusiveness is not just a concept to promote equality for women, but a tool to empower one-half of the world’s population and nurture skills like leadership in them.

The role played by them during the pandemic has proved to the world that a gender-inclusive society can defeat even the greatest threats to human survival.

And a ‘gender inclusive’ society needs a solid foundation of girl education

This Women’s Day, K8school, India’s first recognized online school salutes the impeccable support of the women-power in the pandemic era.

And extends its support for the great female leaders in the making.

On this special day, our educational platform proudly celebrates the idea of gender equity

As we choose to embellish the lives of female students with quality girl education.

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Happy Women’s Day to You!

3 thoughts on “Women Leadership: The Catalyst promoting gender inclusiveness in India”

  1. Preeti Arora Singh

    Indeed! Gender inclusiveness should be introduced in all fields. The world does talk of equality but forgets that there is no equity. Why are only women asked to be multi-tasker, where they have to prove themselves at both home and office? Maybe having women in leadership roles will lead to a more sensitive society where everyone supports everyone. Happy women’s day to all!

  2. Sapna Gupta

    Women have always been great nurturers. Because of this quality of women, they were so good as health care workers. Just had COVID 3 months before, sister Mary took very good care of me at the hospital. God knows how these people stay for so long in PPE kits…May God bless all these kind souls!

  3. Ansh Bhatia

    Happy Women’s Day to all. I pray to God that we all will be able to fulfill our daughter’s dream.

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