Student & Parent FAQs

Student faqs

K8 School offers the international curriculum to the students, which means they get access to global education and enhance their skills, interest, and aptitudes. The learning is need-based and individual for every student as per one’s strengths, weaknesses, interests, etc.

Need-based learning refers to the learning strategy where the learning process takes according to the specific needs, aptitudes, and strengths of the child.

You will be provided with the login credentials at the time of enrollment, and the school will train you so that you can use the resources and features on the learning platform.

Yes, you can enroll in K8 School even when you are already enrolled in another school. As per the New Education Policy, 2020, you can follow online learning along with your traditional and conventional schooling as mainstream as well as an alternate means of education.

The duration for each would be approximately 30-35 minutes.

The assessment is conducted continuously through the teacher’s feedback, submission of assignments, formative and submissive assessments throughout the term.

In case you forget your username or password, contact the school administration to request the new credentials.

In case due to any reason/emergency, you are unable to meet up with the deadline of the assignments, you can request the educator to extend the deadline for that specific assignment. However, the repetition of such behavior would result in deterioration of grades.

The school works in a digital medium; thus, the students develop technical, information,and media skills along with communication.

Counseling provided by the school is guidance and support to the children to enhance the learning process. Counselors assist children in their studies., career options, and also their personal issues. 

Counseling is important for the students to identify their strengths, weaknesses, aptitude, skills, and interests, etc. to make the learning efficient and exclusive. When children are aware of themselves, they tend to learn fast and perform better in life. 

The school provides students with free counseling and guidance sessions whenever the students or parents feel a need for it. 

The school provides Personal Counseling, Academic Counseling, and Career Counseling. For more details, visit the ‘Meet our Counselor’ section on the official school website.

Yes, you can request a counseling session if required at any time. It is absolutely free of cost for both parents and students. 

There is no specific compulsory minimum attendance required throughout the year. However, continuous absence from the sessions for an extended period would face strict actions.

All the study material and other related resources are available  in the learning management system in the school 

The things that are provided in regular learner support would be Short response time for issue and grievance resolution, Regular Involvement of parents through PTM, Regular Academic Monitoring, Extracurricular Activities, Games, Webinars, Online Library, and Research Zones.

You can contact the teacher through email and inform the school administration to plan a doubt clearing session with the concerned teacher.

You will be notified about the events and activities through the website.

parent faqs

K8 school provides the parents with the opportunity where they can witness and govern their children’s learning. We have the expert faculty for each subject and the experience to identify the needs of the child and guide through the challenges one might face.

Yes, K8 School follows a complete international curriculum.

Unlike traditional schools, K8 School brings education to your door-steps along with learning which is customized and need-based specific for the learner.

The learner must have accessibility to the internet, a work-space and system, and most importantly will and motivation to learn.

The parents may visit the school official website to get the required details about the enrollment process.

The assessment and evaluation strategies in K8 School is comprehensive and continuous in nature. The teacher presents constant feedback for every class. Apart from that, formative and submissive assessments are performed frequently.

The school provides the required resources to the learners through the Learning Management System (LMS) and Student Management System (SMS).

Parents play a crucial role in K8 School. They play the role of the ‘learning coach’. Parents have to make sure that the child is participating during the session. For more information read the parent handbook and policy.

The parents are counseled to be the learning coach and act as the main instructor of the lessons provided. They are prepared for the challenges they might face while being a learning coach, during the learning period of the child.

Parent counseling is important because we believe the parents play an important role in the learning of the child.

The parents-teacher meet is organized two times a month to discuss the goals, achievements, weaknesses, and counter-strategies, etc, for the student and teaching.

Yes, your child can always enroll for K8 School at any grade from Pre-K to 8. The school would minister a test and the student would be admitted according to the assessment on the basis of aptitude, concept-clarity, STEM, etc.

Yes, definitely your child can apply for Grade-9 in any other traditional school after passing from K8 school.

Yes, K8 School provides the flex courses for such students. The students can choose a varied number of courses and their complexity as per their needs and interests alongside their conventional schooling.

For Slow Learners, the school self-paced learning concepts. The school also facilitates these learners by providing Extra Support, Extra Class, and Extra Attention.

For the exceptional/extraordinary learners, K8 School uses strategies like that of customized, motivating yet challenging pace. They are aided with the accelerated classes and expert attention and support.

The classes for various grades in K8 School are conducted through the digital medium. All the associated and related resources are provided online.

Yes, at the time of enrollment the school will provide training to the parents so that they can play their role in the child’s learning successfully.

The parents may visit the school official website to get the contact us information and feedback form available on the website.

The school aims to resolve any concerns faced by the parents within 24 hrs.

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