Student Code of Conduct

Further to my registration with K8 School, I agree to comply with the following as stated below, without any exceptions:

  1. I will submit only original academic work, documents, and materials.
  2. I will complete all academic work/tasks independently without any support from any other individual(s) or resources.
  3. I agree to be reviewed by K8 School (or its authorized individuals/bodies) to review/verify the authenticity (or quantity/parameters) of my academic work at any point during my learning period (or after completion of the learning period or even after issuance of qualification certificates).
  4. I agree that if my academic work (or any of its components as prescribed/required by K8 School for my particular course/grade/subject of study) is found to be misrepresented, counterfeit, copied, incomplete (or if there is a mismatch between the quality/quantity/nature of my academic work and the parameters prescribed/required by K8 School), then my registration will be canceled with immediate effect (irrespective of which stage my registration/learning is and even after the completion of my academic work) and I will not hold K8 School (or its authorized individuals/bodies) responsible/liable for the above actions taken by K8 School.
  5. I may be asked to provide additional information, proof, material in support of the information provided by me (especially related to but not limited to academic credentials, coursework and other relevant information in support of my eligibility/candidature with K8 School) especially if the information provided by me is incomplete, inconsistent (or with discrepancies) or not as per the prescribed requirements of K8 School.
  6. I agree to complete all the credit/course requirements (including assessments) in the prescribed time/duration to earn my credits, in the absence of which I shall not be awarded any credits and I take complete responsibility of completing my coursework to be awarded credits (or my failure to earn credit due to the non-adherence to prescribed requirements of K8 School) for the same.
  7. I will not misrepresent any facts or details to K8 School and not forge/misrepresent any documents, signatures or credentials and any deviation from the above (or from any other truthful representation of details) shall render my candidature to be canceled (null/void) by K8 School with immediate effect upon discovery of such misrepresentation(s).
  8. I understand that all materials of K8 School (including but not limited to all study materials used by me during my learning/coursework) are the sole and complete property of K8 School and I will not make any ‘commercial’ use of any of the K8 School courses, assignments, audio-visual resources, materials or any other collaterals.
  9. It’s the responsibility of students and parents to go through the website for any upcoming notifications.
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