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Eligibility for admission

Ready to enroll your child at K8 School, but want to reconfirm the eligibility criteria? Well, it is simple and self-explanatory. Admission criteria in K8 School is based on 2 parameters, just the way it is in any other school. One, the age of the child and two the previous grade completed. For calculating the eligible age of the child, we have a simple formula that you can refer to. The age of the child is calculated on the 1st of April in the academic year when the child is taking admission. If you are admitting your child in K8 School for the academic year 2024-25, the table below clearly helps you find which grade is your child eligible for, based on his/her date of birth (or age):
He/she is eligible for admission in Grade  Exact Age range
Nursery 3 years +
KG 4 years + and not completed 6 years
1 5 years + and not completed 7 years
2 6 years + and not completed 8 years
3 7 years + and not completed 9 years
4 8 years + and not completed 10 years
5 9 years + and not completed 11 years
6 10 years + and not completed 12 years
7 11 years + and not completed 13 years
8 12 years + and not completed 14 years
We will need a copy of the Birth Certificate (or a similar relevant document issued by any authorized Government/Private body) for confirming your child’s age. In addition to the above, we require the following additional documents from you at the time of admission:
  1. A copy of the Aadhaar Card/Driving License/Voter ID of one of the parents/guardians as the identity as well as address proof
  2. A copy of the mark sheet/report card/marks card (issued by the last school attended) of the grade last completed by your child, except in case of admission to KG or Grade 1
  3. A copy of the immunization record of your child
  4. A copy of the disability certificate for your child (if and wherever applicable) issued by the relevant government authority
Please note that authorities at K8 School may at any time, want to look at the originals of any of the above documents as well. 
Additionally, all decisions regarding the final admission of your child are taken by an admission committee at K8 School, and their decision is final.
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