Primary School

Our online primary school is committed to the cause of providing best-in-class education to learners during the formative years. The grades at primary school level serve as the foundation for developing motor skills, channelising cognitive abilities and increasing the curiosity to know. Through the right mix of self-paced learning content, adaptive and flexible learning environment, teaching and mentoring interventions and parental collaboration, our online primary school serves learners in a way that makes learning more engaging and fun. The day to day learning at K8 School’s online primary school is filled with activities that motivate the learners to think, imagine and excel. Learners are inspired through a continuous and comprehensive learning mechanism to embrace curiosity as a part of their behaviour and actions. Additionally, we also focus on making sure that learners develop into strong, extroverted, disciplined and cultured individuals who are confident about self and the environment. Moreover, our online primary school system pushes the learner to pick and choose their areas of interest and liking and work towards exploring those areas better and in greater depth. 

As a part of our endeavor we also ensure that we create an atmosphere where parents are also actively involved with the learning and mentoring process. Teachers and coordinators at K8 School regularly and periodically arrange online discussion sessions with parents so that parents are always aware of the latest status of their child’s performance. Such interactions also provide us with an idea to find more and varied ways of engaging their child better and thus customise the learning and teaching wherever possible.

At K8 School, we don’t just endeavor to create the best online primary school that is possible but indeed to create a cohesive and harmonious learning family, that aims to provide every learner with learning, development, confidence and smiles.

The Five foundational Years of School

After the successful accomplishment of the Kindergarten years, the child now enters the primary grades. The primary grades include all the grades from Grade-1 to Grade-5. These grades essentially focus on giving healthy exposure in varied fields to the young learners who can thereby identify their areas of interest and develop the essential life-skills.

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