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Learning Resources

Learning is not just a process but an experience; an experience that needs can be enhanced by providing adequate resources, simulation opportunities as well as continuous motivation. When we think of providing learning resources, it is imperative for us to ensure that each of those resources acts as a catalyst to galvanize the process of learning and take it to a deeper and more insightful level. Most parents and learners are either not aware of the need or kind of learning resources or don’t possess the necessary know how to procure such resources.

At K8 School, we are extremely cognizant of the fact that being a parent of a learner accessing an online school can be overwhelming and quite a demanding ask. Young learners are sharp and curious with limited attention span. If they aren’t constantly engaged through innovative methods and varied learning resources, their motivation to learn takes a dip.

Keeping in view the new-age learning needs as well as the pressing need to support parents of learners, K8 School has provide learners and parents with the access to unlimited fun workbooks, worksheets, practice sheets etc. prepared by our academicians, learning experts, curriculum developers, teachers, counsellors and indeed parents themselves. Learners find such resources extremely immersive and self-explanatory. Most learners at K8 School use such resources in DIY mode, which means a lot of practice and reinforcement of learning without too much intervention from parents.

Through these interactive and play-based learning resources, K8 School aims to provide every learner with consistent and developmentally appropriate learning interventions in the passive mode, while getting them ready to imbibe skills such as problem-solving, critical reasoning, lateral thinking, numerical literacy and language efficiency.

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