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Welcome to India’s First Recognized Online School!

K8 School is India’s First and Only Recognized Online School.

K8 School in partnership with Discovery Education is the world’s most affordable accredited online school for students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. At K8 School, the student doesn’t follow the curriculum. Instead, the curriculum is designed to follow the student’s interests.
When the parents choose K8 School, they are sure that they are choosing a school driven by the mission to craft the best possible future for their children.  Read More >

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Lack of confidence and performance anxiety on stage can be frightening for the kids.
Inspiration for Kids

Stage Fright in Kids: Symptoms, Causes & Ways to Overcome

We can often witness nervousness, fear, and stress in some children when they are presenting in front of an audience. This fear of the audience is referred to as stage fright, where a few students go through anxiety and performance issues. Children usually encounter stage

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