Last date for admission for the academic year 2021-22: April 28, 2021

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Welcome to India’s First Recognized Online School!

We are a school for all Kindergarten to 8 graders. If parents want their children to study in a school that provides the best combination of world-class school education, traditional Indian values, modern-world skills and character-building, then we are the right school for them. We are a school created by educators, collating learnings from their years of experience and research, hand-picking the best educational practices from around the world and restructuring all of those in a format that is best suited for Indian learners. In the process of doing so, our team has interviewed thousands of teachers, learners and parents, with attention to every intricate detail and feedback. At K8 School, we are thus happy to create a school that is designed and curated to provide solutions to all the learning and teaching woes.




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Grade 1 to 5

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Grade 6 to 8

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