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Education Initiatives

The impact created by K8 School isn’t limited to what is visible and apparent to everyone. We are privileged and happy to support multiple initiatives related to the utilization of education as a medium to change lives and add more positivity to the world. The fact that we are a school and we have the opportunity to make this impact through the tool of education, makes us doubly responsible because of the magnitude and depth of the difference that education can create. We believe when we support anyone through education, we are opening greater avenues for the individual learner, for a family and may be for the community and society too. The spirit to help and support isn’t limited to a particular initiative or area of impact.

We welcome learners, parents and institutions to approach us and let us know how best we could consistently and effectively make this difference. We are open, flexible and accessible to every member of the society. We receive hundreds of ideas from all sections of the society, all demographics and locations and for all kinds of initiatives. While we involve ourselves to support multiple initiatives directly or indirectly, we are very passionate about providing the right learning choices and support for gifted learners, girl child, underprivileged children, out-of-mainstream learners and differently-abled learners. We are also extremely supportive of endeavors which prosper good parenting, good ethos and moral-building, career & strong vocational skills and a culture of safety, health and hygiene. Depending upon the specific program or initiative, our contribution may differ from being the primary driver of the program to one of the indirect support or sponsor partners. 

Every step that we take must contribute to the development of the world in one way or the other. With this belief, there are many areas that we attach ourselves to, outside of the ones mentioned above. One of our key motivating factors is the effect that we can create to make someone academically and professionally independent. That’s why we help learners in developing any kind of skills that he/she may be interested in or good at. At K8 School, singing, dancing, rock-climbing, coding, debating, arts, crafts and all such activities are encouraged and supported. Through this support we want to provide all learners the right and most conducive learning opportunities and environment, so that they may at least be able to try to the best of their capabilities, to reach the level of success that they deserve and aspire for. 

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