What does teaching mean to us?

The process of inspiring, motivating and preparing every learner to understand and grasp the basic principles and concepts of every course by providing a learning environment that is conducive and adaptive to the learning requirements of every learner

Primary attributes of every teacher

Knowledgeable Is thorough and sharp with content and concepts
Communicative Expresses the content in an engaging manner
Understanding Realizes how every learner is different from others
Inclusive Engages every learner in the process of teaching & learning
Motivating Inspires every learner to learn more

What every teacher is prepared for?

  • Am I covering all elements of K8 School curriculum?
  • Am I meeting the learning objectives for every course and learner?
  • Am I observing all learners for the desired learning outcomes?

Our teaching environment



What does learning mean to us?

Learning means acquisition of knowledge or skills through a systematic, rigorous, engaging and interesting process where human, material and natural resources are involved in an active and inclusive manner and exchange of ideas, thoughts and beliefs is operationalized.


Age-appropriate teaching

At K8 school, we include and address all aspects of a learner’s development in our curriculum, through our teaching and learning. All these aspects are absorbed in our curriculum through research & findings about age-appropriate psychological development for learners.

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