Grade K


Science Grade Kindergarten is a foundational course with concepts across many types of sciences including Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. Through exploring, making observations, and describing, students will explore the five senses, properties and motion of objects, sound, pushes and pulls, gravity, the day and night sky, size and distance of objects, plants, and animals.

Major Topics and Concepts

  • The five senses
  • Human body and the five senses
  • Sorting objects by size, shape, color, temperature, weight, and texture
  • Sounds and vibrations
  • Fast- and slow-moving things
  • Position words
  • Pushes and pulls
  • Gravity pulls objects toward the ground
  • Daytime and nighttime activities
  • Patterns of local weather
  • Pattern of day and night
  • Sunlight and how it affects the Earth’s surface
  • The sun’s positions in the sky
  • The moon’s look in the sky and over time
  • Sizes of objects on the ground and in the sky
  • The stars, sun, and moon
  • Comparing different animals
  • Sorting animals by the way they move
  • Comparing different plants
  • Parts of plants
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