Grade 8

Orientation to Art 2D

Where do super heroes come from? They live in the action-filled pages of comic books. Who gives them their super powers? It’s the creative artist who puts energy and excitement into every drawing. You too can create your own super heroes, and discover the power you hold in your pencil.
Using the tools, tricks and techniques of professional artists, you’ll create people and objects that leap off the page. You’ll start with your sketchbook, and put down your ideas and impressions. You’ll develop those ideas by using lines, colors, composition and perspective. You’ll finish with a collection of original artwork that tells the story your way.
In this course you’ll experience the creative processes used by all artists. You’ll learn how to analyze, interpret and evaluate art. But most of all, you’ll have a portfolio of work that demonstrates your own skill and creativity as an artist.
Students will need access to a scanner or a digital camera for submitting work for this course. In addition, students will need to use some basic art supplies.

Major Topics and Concepts

  • What is 2D Art?
  • Can I be an Artist?
  • All About Lines, Shapes, Value, Texture, Space, Color
  • Comic Self-Portrait
  • Balance, Emphasis, Harmony, Variety, Villain, Gradation, Movement, Proportion, Unity
  • Art Gallery
  • Exploring the Comic Strip
  • What is an Artist Statement?
  • Describing, Analyzing, Interpreting, Evaluating Art
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