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teaching environment


Our teaching environment is designed to welcome each and every learner and make him/her feel as an integral and valued part of the environment. To make sure that we are doing this in a perfect way, we consider each learner as a unique individual and try to understand the learning requirements of that particular learner. We completely appreciate the fact that each and every learner has infinite potential and such potential can transcend to academic and professional success if and only if the teaching environment is completely customized to promote and develop that potential. Hence, we try our best to ensure that each learner feels that this school and the teaching therein is curated to suit him/her. This is exactly how our teaching environment makes the learner feel welcomed and that is why this attribute of our teaching environment is designed to focus on EVERY LEARNER INDIVIDUALLY.


To ensure that every learner realizes his/her full potential and is provided academic and professional guidance that ensures high levels of learning and achievement, we regard the contribution of teachers, parents and learners themselves as extremely important. These 3 groups can work effectively only when there is an unflinching commitment to collaborate efficiently and effectively, in order to ensure the best results for the learners. We include collaboration as an important attribute of our teaching environment so that all learners feel the positive impact of collegiality and cooperation. Collaborative teaching environment also ensures that each learner also gets an opportunity to learn from peers and fellow-learners. Therefore, this attribute is designed to include ALL LEARNERS TOGETHER.


Once the teacher and other stakeholders have discharged their teaching and academic duties by creating and fostering a ‘welcoming’ and ‘collaborative’ teaching environment, the learners should be provided ample opportunities and space to focus on their own academic pursuits and achieve their desired goals. Thus, the third attribute of our teaching environment is ‘self-motivating’ which is programmed to ensure that each and every learner must be inspired and motivated to consistently perform well and achieve desired success. This also prepares all learners individually to approach their careers and lives with more planning, confidence and self-assurance. In the larger perspective of life, it makes them more organized, balanced and self-reliant. This is exactly how this attribute works on the fundamental of creating a roadmap to success for EACH LEARNER ON HIS/HER OWN.

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