There are enormous benefits of home based learning in India. Online homeschooling in India is not just a trend, it is the need of the hour.

What does it mean by Homeschooling in India?

Homeschooling is an educational choice in India, wherein parents take charge of their child’s learning from the comfort of their homes. This means that the child is not enrolled in a physical school. But continues with his/her education at home under parental guidance.

The reasons to switch to homeschooling vary from family to family. But most commonly these are related to the unresolved challenges within our traditional schooling designs or the child’s specific learning needs.

Is homeschooling allowed in India?

The Indian government acknowledges each child’s ‘RIGHT TO EDUCATION’ and appreciates all efforts in this regard. The Indian judicial system does not hold homeschooling against any section or provision (sections 18 and 19) of the RTE 2009.

Hence, homeschooling is legal in India!

And now It is also a growing trend in some of India’s biggest metropolitan cities

In states where it is more widely accepted, the state government has made certain guidelines for homeschooling in India, such as fixing the age of appearing for exams.

Gateway of India, a historical landmark representing Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Homeschooling in Mumbai

The commercial capital of India, Mumbai is known to set new trends. It has now welcomed this new change to online homeschooling in India. And has legalized it for students.

On January 10th 2019, the Maharashtra government made it legal to homeschool in Maharashtra. It is a great step to retain their at-risk students within their mainstream education system. And it is definitely an example of the acceptance of this new alternative. 

In Maharashtra, the government has decided the following age wise bifurcations to appear for the exams:

  • 10 Years – Class 5
  • 13 Years – Class 8
  • 15 Years – Class 10
Shaniwarwada, a historical landmark representing Pune, Maharashtra.

Homeschooling in Pune

Pune is another metro city that has embraced home education after this legal sanction. Presently, it is popular as an opportunity to nurture young talent at home.

The growing popularity of home-based learning in Pune can be gauged with the fact that it has the highest number of support groups for homeschoolers. These groups and associations guide and support parents and students who choose this medium.

Vidhana Soudha, a historical landmark representing Bangalore, Karnataka.

Homeschooling in Bangalore

Our Indian tech hub has also sensed the need to extend educational opportunities beyond the brick-and-mortar structures of a physical school.

This metro city has already discovered the viable alternative of home education. And the parents in Bangalore are now accepting it as a new normal. The Karnataka state board supports the education of students who are not a part of the regular schooling mediums. And it even goes the extra mile to make some extra arrangements for them.

Similarly in Bangalore, the state government readily allows private candidates for class 10 exams.

There are numerous advantages of home-based Learning

  • A safe haven without any threats of school violence, harassment, and mistreatment.
  • Feasibility to continue with learning within self-chosen flexible schedules.
  • Perfect to address academic gaps and weak subject areas by extending the devoted time.
  • Innovative and fun for children at every step.
  • Goes well with all types of learners including ‘GIFTED’ or ‘SPECIAL’ ones.
  • Exposes the kids to real-life experiences and ground-level problem-solving.
  • Great to hone relevant thinking skills and independent working habits.

Other than the above-mentioned advantages, homeschooling is also better than traditional schooling in these aspects:

1. Quality of education

Our Indian educational system is still crippled with issues like teacher quality and effective instructional delivery. These factors are directly related to the school drop-out rates. And speak volumes about our internal unresolved quality concerns.

On the other hand, homeschooling is an opportunity to raise the bar of education and plan it in a manner that works the best for the learner.

2. Family bonding

Students in regular schools are prone to be delinquents, deviants, rebellions, and face mental health problems mostly because of reduced quality family time.

Whereas, with home-based learning children enjoy the companionship of their parents and make the most of their experiences.

3. Emotional stability

Home based education provides emotional stability to every child.

A traditional classroom with a heterogeneous mix of students acts as a barrier for numerous introvert and naïve students. Knowingly or unknowingly their voices get unnoticed and at times even suppressed.

But with home-based learning, each child is free to speak, express, create and clarify all that strikes his/her mind. And this in turn makes the child emotionally stable and strong.

These numerous benefits of home education have made it popular in several parts of the world!

Indian parents now have the chance to choose the best home-Based Learning experience in India

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Thankfully, this option is now available at the right time. Because many parents are planning to choose home-based education for a bright future and safer learning for their children.

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