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Harnessing the Power of Expression Art and Drama in Education

Boosting Artistic Outcomes in an Online School: Art and Drama in Education

Art and drama in education have a positive impact on the growth and development of students. These also help in sharpening their communication and socio-emotional skills. Many experts believe that art and education boost artistic outcomes in a fun-filled manner. So these opportunities support students in many ways.  

We all know that in this information age, our students need enhanced communication skills to express their viewpoints creatively. And arts and drama in education help them build the skills required in this skill-driven world. There are many unsung advantages of the opportunities in the long run. And one of the most important ones is skill-building which determines one’s employability in adulthood.

Do you know that Indian students struggle with a poor employability rate?


Only 50% of our students were employable in 2023. This is a slight improvement from 47.38% in 2019.

Employability of indian Youth

It is noteworthy that our Indian students lack the necessary skills to crack the best job opportunities. Because the conventional schooling system often struggles to give them the handholding to develop these skills. Art and drama in education fill this void in many ways. Because it provides significant opportunities for creative expression. And supports a student’s emotional growth tremendously. 

What Is Drama and Art in Education?

Broadly art and drama in education are the methods/pedagogies to engage children across all age groups. Drama includes elements of theatre, dance, and musical performances, etc. Similarly, art is about creative expression that hones one’s imaginative abilities.

Origin of Drama and Art in Education

Sources have revealed that school drama originated back in 1553. Similarly, art was used in education back in the late 15th and 16th century.

In the present time, online education is an accepted medium. Let’s understand the importance of these activities in an online learning environment. 

The Importance of Drama and Arts in Online Education

Strengthens the Learning Process

Creative expression benefits one’s development of motor skills, content areas, communication, etc. It is also a contributor to a student’s overall success. And the best part is that arts in education extend great opportunities to enrich learning experiences.

Here’s a related example:

An interesting study reveals that art strengthens a baby’s bonding with the caregivers. In fact, it is also proved that art builds relationships through eye contact, responsiveness, shared goals, social skills, etc. So isn’t it a great idea to indulge in arts in education right from the pre-primary stage of a child’s schooling?

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Reduces Stress

Unlike other subjects, art and drama in education do not cause stress in a student’s life. On the contrary, students have fun with these activities. And get to express themselves freely without the fear of being judged.   

81% of our Indian students feel anxiety because of exams, results, and studies in general. Activities like art or drama offer a breath of fresh air for all students.

Art and Drama in education helps in reducing stress


When students are engaged in the mesmerizing world of art, they unleash their creative side to communicate ideas. An innovative teacher can use these opportunities to introduce creative activities/ideas/games/pedagogies to enrich learning. All this teaches students the right ways of responding to situations and teaches life skills. In addition, it also makes them more confident about their strengths and weaknesses and hones their socio-emotional skills as well. In the next section, we will discuss the role of these activities in education.

What Are the Benefits of Art and Drama in Education?

Language Development

These activities are excellent ways to hone linguistic abilities (language development). Drama art in education allows students to play different characters with various narratives. This level of exposure to language is an added advantage for students of all ages and backgrounds. Because elements like dialogues, plot understanding, voice modulation, theme, settings, etc. apprise them, with fantastic opportunities to develop high-level language skills.

New-age schooling is all about creating methods of expression through theatre, drama, arts, music, etc. Get in touch with K8 School, the best online school, and make the most of the art and education through our feature-loaded online programs.

Multi-Sensory Experiences

When students are engaged through multiple senses (touch, smell, sight, hearing, etc.) it is easy to create connections through the brain. Drama art in education is a perfect way to create these rich experiences.


Most of us know that creativity is one of the most valued workplace skills. Recently 70% of employers considered that this skill will be even more important by the year 2027. It is even more interesting to note that creativity gives a great boost to student’s holistic growth and development. In the most advanced countries like the U.S.A. art and drama in education are highly sought-after. Because 93% of the parents believed that arts are essential for a well-rounded education.

Percent of employers said creativity will be more important  by the year 2027

Percentage of parents believed that arts is essential well round education | art and drama in education

After these interesting facts, let’s move on to the need to promote arts in education.   

Why Should Schools Promote Drama Art in Education?

The benefits of art extend to more than just the academic realm. This means that it is a form of purposeful engagement with lots of other benefits. There are many benefits of promoting arts and education. One of these is that it can reduce behavior problems in students.

Other than these advantages, students interested in arts or drama can also have better attendance in school. Eventually, all these aspects lead to better academic success and greater life satisfaction as well.

Tips to Promote Arts and Education in Schools?

  • The best way to promote art and drama is to build a school culture that helps students to unleash their creative sides.
  • Another great idea is to include life skills with art.
  • Teachers can also help students to indulge in arts by giving them the freedom to work independently, using reinforcement techniques, and sharing constructive feedback as well.
  • Integrate these activities into the curriculum. 

India’s best online school, K8 School has a dedicated Art and Craft subject at the elementary stage of school. For other students (pre-primary and middle school), we include these through creative pedagogies, joyful activities, and other strategies. Do reach out to us for the best schooling choice for your child.  

Final Thoughts

As stakeholders, we wish to create the best possible learning experiences for our students. And the integration of drama art in education is certainly an essential aspect of holistic education. Fortunately, our stakeholders are now more aware of the benefits of art and education. But we need some more efforts to accelerate our student’s learning with the power of such creative elements.

We hope this write-up will make you appreciate your child/student when he/she devotes more time to art and drama in education. Remember, well-rounded education is much more than just ACADEMIC!

 Thanks for Reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do students need art and education?
    Art is a great stress buster and hones one’s creative side as well.
  • How can schools promote arts in education?
    All schools must follow a curriculum that integrates these as full-fledged subjects.
  • Mention the advantages of art and drama in education.
    Art and drama in education help students to be more imaginative, instill life skills, improve resilience. Other than this, it also helps students to maintain better school attendance.

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