7 Core Elements are imbibed in every learner through a systematic, research-oriented and well documented process of learning at course, grade and curriculum level

Every element is imbibed through 5 simple and well-laid out action items:

The 7 Core Elements -


Every learner must be able to use language as a tool to communicate ideas, thoughts, feelings, information and knowledge and must be able to appreciate the utility of language as a tool for acquiring more knowledge.


Every learner must be encouraged, motivated and inspired to learn continuously and dedicatedly in the all areas at a broad level and more specifically in areas of interest and passion, so as to develop confidence in one’s content, knowledge and expression.


Every learner must be able to appreciate the importance of developing in-depth knowledge across a particular course as well as comprehend how different courses are linked to one another so as to create a bigger picture of the world around us.


Every learner must be provided an environment where collegiality, collaboration and empathy are vital components and focus is laid on cultivating, practicing and appreciating respect for self and others through systemic and inclusive regard for human and moral values, environment and global citizenship.


Every learner must be able to understand and grasp the primary fundamentals and principles that lie at the core of courses & subjects, through a well-implemented and scientifically-driven process of developing appreciation for the building such blocks of courses and subjects.


Every learner must be able to relate the acquired learning to the world around oneself and appreciate the context in which such learning could be applied to create more meaningful and scientific interpretations in the physical universe.


Every learner must be encouraged and motivated to think creatively, analytically, logically, critically, objectively and laterally so as to utilize the acquired learning in creating/developing unique and different ideas, products, methods and principles.

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