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Top 10 Good Habits of Successful Students

Top 10 Good Habits of Students: Essential Practices for Academic Success

In student life, habits like discipline, focus, and single-tasking are game-changers!

These etiquette manners, and lifestyle changes are not just the determinants of long-term success. These also make a striking difference in the overall quality of life!

Let’s discover more about these 10 good habits that will set online students up for success.

What are Habits?

A habit is a repeated pattern that we develop over time with constant practice. Broadly, we categorize habits into good habits bad habits. Yet these are not permanent. We can always alter/change these habits with conscious efforts. Let’s discover further.   

How Can We Define Good and Bad Habits?

When it comes to all good habits bad habits, most things are certain.

Good habits have positive consequences and support success. Bad habits show personality flaws and mostly these are hard to break/change.

Moving on.

Why Is It Important to Build Good Habits in Students?

Good manners and habits are like cultivating character strength. These habits add value to our lives. In a way, these make way for long-term success. People with good habits are likable and reliable. But habit formation is a gradual process. Let’s move on and go deeper into ways of building these.

How to Build Good Habits in Online Students

A thumb rule – Start with time management strategies, and reiterate how procrastination adds to stress in an online learning environment.

When you start building good habits bad habits, remember that there is no shortcut to it!

None of these habits can be built overnight.

So practice patience, and use reinforcement from time to time to encourage the child to stick to these.

What are these habits that can set students up for success?

Let’s figure it out!

Top 10 Good Habits of Students

Solid Study Schedules

A student needs to be consistent with study schedules.

Is this advice familiar?


That’s about it!

Learning the right way to study with a disciplined approach is the first one among the good habits for students.

Plus, it’s not difficult either.

Identify a perfect time slot for study, and have enough recreation time to plan a fulfilling day.

All kids have their preferences. Some feel active in the morning. Others love being night owls. Get the basics right, and remember the trick is to strike the right balance between leisure, study time, and brain breaks.

Practicing Single Tasking

As simple as it sounds, humans are not meant to multitask. Managing multiple tasks at a time can be luring. But research proves that this habit kills our productivity and brings it down to only 20%.

One of the most result-oriented good habits in students for online students is to stick to ONE THING AT A TIME.

Practicing Single Tasking | Good habits of students

Prioritizing Concentration

It’s great to work on good manners for students. But what about working on their ability to concentrate?

Better concentration gives students in-depth exposure to the topic. The ability also reduces the chances of making mistakes, skipping content, or getting distracted. It’s not a hard nut to crack if you practice simple habits like putting extra buzzing devices away, and unplugging from social media (during study hours) to create a distraction-free learning environment.

Staying Organized

Nothing like having a clutter-free study corner, and being organized with study tasks. Organizational skills are not just one of the 10 good habits. But also shows one’s good etiquette manners.

Getting the child into the habit of cleaning up is a great start!

Stop relying on the house help. And get the child into the habit of arranging the toys back after play and putting the stationary items back at their dedicated places.

Showing Up and Participating in Classes

Kids who develop good manners for students, know the right ways of participating in class like raising hand, asking for permission to speak, and sharing views courteously.

To encourage participation in an online class, we need to train the child’s brain to consider online classes as important as traditional classroom interactions.

Plus, the institution also has a vital role to play. Enroll the child in a school that actively monitors the student’s presence and participation in an online class.

Watch out for red flags (if any) leading to non-participation. And collaborate with the teachers to find a solution to these issues. 

If you wish to enroll your child in an online school that focuses on student participation, etiquette manners, etc. K8 School is the PERFECT PICK FOR YOU!

Sleep Matters

Sleep is an important aspect of our life that can fall into both categories i.e. good habits bad habits.

Sleeping at the right time boosts one’s energy levels. But being sleep deprived invites tons of problems.

Kids who do not follow good sleep schedules easily fall asleep in class, struggle to focus, and often have issues recalling information. Consider sleep schedules as a priority when you start developing good habits for class 1 child.


Let’s face it!

Being morally upright sounds too obvious, but in reality, it is not!

In an online learning environment, some students can develop habits like plagiarizing, or cheating. Good manners for students can help in life only if they have a sense of integrity.

Teach the student that learning the RIGHT WAY is the only option to gain something from the process/experience!

And look for any warning signs before they get serious.

Avoid the Last-Minute Rush

Preparedness is another one of the good habits in students. Get the kid into the habit of using sticky notes, digital notes, and backpack checks every day before going to bed.

These good manners for students will be with them in adulthood as well.

Note Taking

Building the habit of jotting notes and getting back to this self-written information is also considered one of the good habits in students. It helps them to catch up on all points later in less time.

Zero Procrastination

Procrastination is a self-regulation failure and A BIG REASON TO WORRY!

Students who get into this habit make a conscious choice of delaying seemingly boring or difficult work. The only way to keep this habit at bay is to develop another one, a good mindset to finish all tasks on time!

Final Thoughts

Technology has proved itself as a game-changer!

And our Indian students have readily embraced the new paradigm of virtual learning.

<90% of them believe that this medium is any day better than traditional classroom experiences.>


While this choice has many advantages, it is not possible to enjoy these without developing good manners and good habits in students.

Devote your precious energy and work hard to make these impactful changes in your child’s life. And remember consistency is the key, so work even harder to stay consistent in your approach.

Thanks for Reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some good habits of students for success?
    Parents must work on developing good habits for class 1 like reading, following sleep schedules, and completing school work on time. 
  • What are 5 daily good habits for students?
    A healthy lifestyle, managing time, studying often, being honest, and staying away from procrastination are some good habits. 
  • What are best daily habits?
    10 good habits that are the best are:
    • Good Study Schedules
    • Note-taking
    • Staying focused
    • Participating in class
    • No procrastination
    • Honesty
    • Preparedness
    • Sleep schedules
    • Study schedules
    • Being organized
  • Define good and Bad habits?
    Good habits show a strong and disciplined personality. While bad habits prove weaknesses in one’s personality.


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