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We all have witnessed diverse changes in the education system lately. The COVID-19 pandemic temporarily crashed our education system by putting a long pause on our learning. As educational institutions in India were not prepared to face the situation, maximum students were left at their homes, studying on their own.


Hence, the institutions had to build a digital infrastructure that could support the educators and learners to resume their classes online.


Initially, both students and teachers faced uncountable technical issues with the newly introduced virtual learning environment. Coming to the present scenario, schools, colleges, and other educational institutions are now well-equipped with the resources and stratagems to teach online.


Back to Online School


Maximum institutions are now supporting hybrid or blended learning where both offline and online teaching is a part of the system. Students are now back to school either online or with the blended learning process.


Education in India is now taking a steep turn but with great advancements that will help the system to grow better.


Based on reviews, students agree that they experience better communication and flexibility in the online schooling model. They both are the two major aspects of a smooth learning experience. Online classes offer better workability, flexibility, effectiveness, and accessibility. With an online school, the student gets a never-ending ocean of information that is always available and accessible on the platform.


Here are some tips and resources for parents to prepare children for their back-to-school endeavors.

With online schooling, preschooling children can start learning immediately, at their own pace.

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Online learning can turn out to be very beneficial for students, and school teachers as well. While teaching online, students can get individualized attention from the teachers, which is opposite to what parents have perceived.

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Online education is all set to provide immense learning opportunities to Indian learners.

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