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Curriculum & Framework


A Curriculum is a set of learning activities, academic content, strategies, guidelines, and assessments, designed to achieve the required learning objectives.


Every educational body requires a full-fledged stratagem to design its curriculum.


A Curriculum Framework is a defined planning structure, which helps schools/institutions in developing their own educational curriculum.


How is a Curriculum Framework Planned?


Certain principles are kept in mind while designing the curriculum for respective students.


Firstly, the planning phase carries utmost importance in the complete procedure. A curriculum is designed after keeping its vision, mission, principles, and the level of students in mind. Hence, curriculum designers (or educators) strategize the framework after considering all these aspects of the school/institution.


Curriculum framework planning is important as it ensures that the technology used in learning is apt for its students, and consumed under the set guidelines.


Second, comes the segment of students to which the framework will serve the education. A curriculum is designed while keeping all the academic requirements in mind. For instance, parts of the curriculum like syllabi, extracurricular activities, educational visits, and out-of-the-box activities are designed after keeping the capabilities, age, and abilities of the students in mind. 


After the educators are ready with the plan, it is time for curating the academic content.


Academic content is curated and developed in such a way so the framework can balance academic and non-academic parts. A progressive, high-quality, and knowledge-oriented framework offers the students abundant choices of what to study.


Planning the delivery model of the curriculum on the other hand is not an easy task.


A long-term curriculum should be planned in such a way so that the educators can adapt and share it with the learners easily. Designers of the framework should make sure that the curriculum is backed-up with only high-quality and reliable academic resources. Inadequate, incomplete, or incorrect resources can effortlessly deteriorate the curriculum in no time.

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