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Online Teaching


Digital learning has supported educators to create a never-ending network of students. Teachers find online teaching more effective for creating and executing the best teaching methods while taking online classes.


What is Online Teaching?


Online teaching is the process of teaching student(s) remotely, using digital tools like learning management systems and video conferencing apps, by creating a digital classroom (virtual learning environment).


K8 School provides online teaching job opportunities for elementary and primary school teachers.


Many educators have discovered new methodologies of teaching that have ultimately helped online students to grasp knowledge more effectively. Several tools such as PDF documents, videos, live photos, podcasts, and live webinars are used in online teaching that turns this learning experience more interactive.


How to Become an Online School Teacher in 3 Simple Steps?


K8 School – India’s first and only accredited online school welcomes you to join our team!


If you have 5+ years of total teaching experience* in any grade in a traditional KG-12 school, you may be the one that we are looking for!


Step 1

Shoot a 2-minute video where you are talking about yourself, preferably letting us know about your:


1. Academic qualifications

2. Professional experience

3. Career goals

4. Hobbies

5. Talents

6. Anything else that you want to tell about yourself


Step 2

Send your CV/Resume along with the Short Video to us at [email protected], and wait for your profile to be reviewed.


We will get back to you in less than 24 hours to talk to you! We keep it simple, clear, and fast because that is how we work.


Step 3

Once your profile passes the Evaluation, you can take a 2 Tier Virtual Interview with the Administration/Management, for your final appointment.


And Congratulations! You are Hired.


If you are driven by the passion to grow faster than your peers, and you are looking for a school that challenges you to be at your best every day. Then, your time reading all of this was worth it. Remuneration and growth will not be limiting factors if you are the right fit.


Training: All of our teachers go through an individual training cycle, based on their prior teaching experience. Once selected, you would be appointed as a teacher and we will train you in getting better at that, each day.


*Note- We don’t count teaching experience at any tuition, coaching center, etc. as valid experience.


Interested candidates must send their CV/Resumes to [email protected], and you will be reverted soon.


Benefits of Teaching Online


Online teaching helps educators to make good use of advanced digital resources, digital tools, and modified teaching styles. Online schooling platforms bring a lot of opportunities for growth to the teachers.


Therefore, teachers should make sure that they are well-informed about the technology that they’re using to teach.


Since online classes are one of the most flexible studying options, the lessons can be attended anytime from anywhere, there are very few cases of student absence. Therefore, teachers can expect a 100% attendance rate every time.


Common Problems Faced by the Educators, and How to Solve Them.


If the attendance rate is lower than 90%-95%, teachers should begin turning their classes more interesting and interactive.


Technology is very efficient and reliable but we still cannot be completely dependent on it. Teachers should be ready to face technical issues and malfunctioning.


Technical errors occur once in a blue moon during an online class for which a teacher must have a backup plan so that the class can be continued. Information can only be learned if it is delivered in the right way, using the right mode. Students build their online community when they begin studying online. Educators can make good use of such communities by making a strong and attractive presentation of the information using blogs and vlogs.


Here are some well-established and well-experimented teaching techniques and stratagems for online teaching, that you will love to apply in your pedagogy.

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