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The City of Pune, Maharashtra | Oxford of the East | Education Hub of India

Evolving Educational Trends in Pune

Pune, also known as “Oxford of the East“, has always been an academically oriented city. Almost a decade ago, it was estimated to be an education hub. And nine years down the line, it has reached that position within the educational sphere.

Today, Pune stands as a top name amongst the most extensive higher education systems. And its schooling trends are also creating a buzz across the educational landscape. It has chosen new and better ways of imparting school education to students. And has laid the foundation of ‘FUTURE SCHOOLING’ by accepting online schooling and homeschooling in Pune.

1. Homeschooling

While many Indian stakeholders questioned the possibility of fitting in distant schooling within the mainstream system, Pune went a step ahead and embraced this option. Many parents in Pune have decided to go with homeschooling for their children. And they have also joined hands with others who feel likewise.

Home schooling has been very successful according to parents of Pune.

Top news journals have interviewed homeschooling parents, and their stories are nothing less than an inspiration for the ones who shun the idea of home-based education.

For the parents who accepted homeschooling in Pune, the pandemic has created a foundation to gauge the time and energy required to pull out a child from a mainstream traditional school. And many such parents have already found the right educational design that they always wanted for their children.

We all know that students in India have to face several challenges within the traditional schooling design. And homeschooling is ‘THE ANSWER’ for all such issues that bother our students and stakeholders for quite a long time now.

2. Online Schooling

Another trend that has picked up pace in our urban centers like Pune is 100% online schooling. It is an online medium for school education and offers even better benefits than parent-led homeschooling.

Complete student-teacher digital learning has taken India by storm.

Mainly online schooling further reduces the parent’s burden while homeschooling a child. Because online schools procure a full-fledged curriculum, hire online teachers, and provide hand holding through online classes.

Presently, online school programs are the first preference for parents because they are less demanding and more secure. Parents in Pune chose online classes even when the offline classes were about to be made feasible. And their decision was obvious because of the spike in the number of Omicron cases, and the negligible duration left for the closure of the academic session.

Other than these factors, stakeholders also made a valid point for this choice, which was the challenge of adhering to Covid protocols by the students in the primary grades.

3. Support for Alternative Education – Associations and Groups in Pune

Pune is an educational hub for a reason. It has envisioned a design of alternative schooling for a very long time. And has successfully created a support system for the parents who make this choice. Homeschooling groups in Pune have a number of members that help others with this educational alternative. So with this choice parents need not worry about being isolated or simply ‘LEFT OUT’.

These groups support homeschoolers and their families in every possible manner. They take care of the socialization part of the schooling process. And also help students to mingle amongst each other. Even for the ones who are in a fix to make this decision, these groups are a good support to bank upon. They convince the parents to join the community. And help them to understand the pros and cons.

Final Thoughts:

Maharashtra is one of the most visionary states in India that has legalized homeschooling as a choice for its students. The state’s cultural capital Pune also depicts the same vision, as it acknowledges the advantages of emerging educational alternatives.

Pune has already been a trendsetter for other Indian cities! Let’s just hope others follow suit and make the most of these new schooling choices.

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