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Online schooling helps reducing mental health problems of schools

Reduce Stress & Anxiety: Top Benefits of Online Schooling for Mental Health

More than 30% of the world’s student population has been victimized by bullying (Source – UNESCO). Aren’t these figures enough to prove the pitiable condition of students in traditional schools? Unfortunately, now and then we get shocked by such incidents and also realize the need of having an alternate. Because, serious issues like bullying, school violence, and harassment causes mental health problems in schools, for our students in all age-groups. 

Thankfully, in this digital age, with its substantial benefits, online schooling is an alternative that can improve the psychic well-being of students.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of Online Schooling that reduce mental health problems in Schools

Flexibility guaranteed

With the flexible study schedules of online schools, a student can plan his study hours. Within a virtual platform, there is no need of being tied to a fixed schedule. So, students can determine their productive hours and see what works best for them. This flexibility is directly related to a student’s psychic well-being. Because, with such schedules, they can enjoy some of their leisure activities and spare enough free time.  

This benefit also helps at-risk students to thrive academically instead of dropping out of the mainstream schooling system. Owing to this great benefit of virtual platforms, it is possible to reduce the stressful ‘coaching culture’ that is becoming a trend in India. The same issue is also mentioned in our new National Policy of Education (NPE 2020).

Zero threats

Another great benefit that makes virtual schools a perfect choice for students is the secure learning environment. As they do not travel to any location, they can be safe at home. Virtual learning through a recognized online school is 100% secure for students from all backgrounds. So, parents and students can also stay worry-free as the child remains with them all the time. In this way, the issues caused because of school violence, harassment, and bullying, etc. at traditional schools are automatically minimized.

Personalized and self-paced learning–

Yes! Personalized learning caters to the student’s learning needs perfectly. Virtual schooling help students to work on their academic strengths and weaknesses, it helps in eliminating learning gaps. They can devote more or less time to a topic basis their individual preference, thereby reducing the chances of academic stress and mental health disorders.

No peer pressure and unhealthy competition-

An online school is also a perfect option for students to break free from the issues causing mental health disorders. Academic stress is one such big factor that hinders them mentally. As virtual platforms conduct small-group sessions and individualized instructions, they do not feel pressurized with unhealthy peer comparison. This is a conscious practice in online platforms as they believe in the unique potential of each student.  

Happy schooling with experienced teachers-

Amongst the other advantages of online learning is the handholding given by expert online teachers. These expert teachers monitor the progress of the student and support their learning throughout. So eventually, students thrive in a happy learning environment without any academic stress. Unlike popular beliefs, virtual platforms have varied options to connect with the teachers. So, a student is not left on his own to struggle with concepts and topics.

Good academic results also improve one’s mental health-

Lastly, let us discuss the biggest culprit here- ‘Academic results’. We all know that good academic results also improve one’s psychic well-being. With the benefits of online schooling, the grades and scores of students improve considerably. This way they become confident and self-motivated towards their learning. Hence, successful online learners are less likely to develop mental health problems in schools.

Final Words:

A good online school helps in reducing academic and peer pressure and creates happy learning experiences for students. With modern virtual learning platforms, a student can spend time and energy as per their individual needs.

So, if you are also looking out for an option to improve your child’s mental health, join K8school, India’s first recognized online school now!

2 thoughts on “Reduce Stress & Anxiety: Top Benefits of Online Schooling for Mental Health”

  1. Shivjyot

    Although I agree with your point that online schooling means zero threats like school violence and bullying, what about the high screen time which online schools are increasing?

  2. Vishakha

    How small is your batch size? I also want to enroll Shradha in your school. Shradha is 5 and she hasn’t yet started with schooling because of this pandemic. Can your school conduct an evaluation test? , because I am already teaching her few things and I think she is doing good.

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