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7 Tricks of Online Teaching

With the advance and the dynamic needs of this changing times, education, in all its forms, seems to be always in a victimizing zone. The students face constant struggles to attend the classes and virtually meet and consult with their teachers. However, the worst struggle of this system is faced in online teaching by the teachers.

The teachers are generally held responsible for their school’s efficiency, the parents, and the students. All the judgments, work-burden, social bullying by the parents and students, and the moral responsibilities they have collectively burdened teachers.

Without a doubt, online teaching is a challenge for all the teaching experts. The teachers are used to the conventional method of mass teaching. However, it is about time that we change our methods with the need of the time.

The time seeks a way for making the learning more advanced and technical, unlike the generations before. Thus, it becomes essential for us as teachers and parents to associate ourselves with the constant emerging needs before us.

Despite the adverse concerns facing us, education must not be compromised under any form. Students are the future of our nation and thus require the best form of education. Teachers play a very crucial role here in building up the future nation.

Teaching is an honorable and respectful profession. However, unfortunately, the teachers are always frowned upon, and this recent shift of the lifestyle is causing them even more suffering.

The teacher’s sudden shift from a conventional setting to virtual meetings has created a hegemony.

Here are some hand-picked cheery tips & online teaching ideas that can improve teaching efficiency in an online medium.

#1.  Let students take control

Online teaching in a virtual classroom characteristically features both teacher’s and students’ participation and involvement at several levels. Students these days are technically more advanced as compared to the teachers. These skills can be used by the teachers to nurture other skills, such as leadership. In an online school classroom, it is best suggested that the students have the steering wheel while the teacher holds the wagon of learning gear.

#2.  Set reasonable expectations and prioritize needs

The teachers should understand and accept that an online school classroom is different from a conventional classroom. They must not compare the goals of the two mediums with each other. Online teaching requires setting up reasonable goals and expectations from the students. They should understand the learning in any format must not be a burden to the child. For this purpose, teachers are advised to prioritize the needs of learning and that of the child.

#3. Use the resources

The Internet is filled with resources of every other type. Teachers can use these resources to engage the students on various topics, especially those who demand the learners to be more involved. Resources such as YouTube provide the required audio-visual aids for topics of nearly every grade. There are many other resources available for the teachers, such as worksheets, workbooks, digital libraries, websites such as ABC Mouse, AWE Learning, Boddle, Didax, Freckle, Homer, and many more.

#4. Innovate and Stimulate Discussions

Teachers conducting online teaching sessions are advised to conduct classes through a more discussion-based approach. A discussion-based approach can feature more peer to peer interaction and hence ensuring their active and meaningful involvement.

#5. Develop a system of supports

In an online medium, students, especially those young ones, require constant supervision. Develop various support systems, for the students to reach out to you whenever they face any trouble or doubt. This support can be in the form of the class group on WhatsApp, sharing resources through DRIVE, where students can access the resource anytime or in any other way.

#6. Give Research-based Home Assignments

Instead of the regular homework, try giving out some research-based home assignments to the learners. This also provides a more inquiry, project, and problem-based approach to learning.  These approaches included a more discovery-based method of learning. It also ensures the significant involvement and encouragement of the learner through their experiential learning.

#7. Self- Reflection

“Honest self-reflection opens your mind to reprogramming, change, success, and freedom.” -Anonymous

Self-reflection is an old and most efficient method of self- analysis and advancement. The best way to improve yourself is by reflecting on your action. You can review your session recordings and observe all the areas where you can improve your teaching. The teachers should write up their self-reflection and improve themselves by following it.

In K8 School, the teacher fulfills the facilitator’s role, motivator, and moderator in a child’s learning process. The online learning and teaching in K8 School features advanced and modern methodology and the traditional values exclusive to the Indian Culture.

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  1. Akanksha

    Wow!! such fruitful tricks for online teaching..

  2. Priya

    This is very informative and interesting to read.

  3. kajal

    Great teaching learning process at k8

  4. Harsha

    Honestly, being a teacher at a regular school I was facing a lot of difficulties to transit to online teaching. These 7 tricks really helped me build a structure and plan my lessons effectively.

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