How to Make the Most of Your Virtual Learning Space

The pandemic has showcased the importance of a virtual learning space like never before. This challenging time revealed the vulnerability of traditional schooling platforms. And also highlighted a pathway towards a more stable alternative.

As online schooling has proved its potential during the virus outbreak, many parents and students are consciously opting for 100% digital schooling. 

So, before you make a full-fledged transition to a virtual platform, let me guide you towards the key points of a virtual learning space

These are simple and credible aspects that can ease your everyday schedule during your child’s homeschooling

Get to know the technology well-

The first aspect to be kept in mind is the knowledge of the technical requirements. If you set up your digital learning space without getting to know the technology, well, it can lead to uncalled-for glitches. It is better to clarify your doubts and have everything up and fine before you start with a self-directed learning journey. Don’t worry about the guidance for the exact requirements.

recognized online school in India will make all this easy and hassle-free for you within no time. The only piece of advice for you is that you need to be ready with a seamless internet connection, a compatible device/computer, and have the necessary software in your system. A simple test check of having things up and fine will be enough. Rest, the academic team of a virtual school will proactively inform you about the versions/requirements and pre-requisites for your child’s education.

Make sure you have a dedicated learning space-

Another important aspect that can help you with your child’s virtual schooling is the selection of a suitable learning space. 

Remember, this place sets up your child in the learning mood. So, ensure it is clean and tidy and most importantly well-organized.

For a younger age group of elementary school level, try to minimize the number of items spread out at this place. It will help you to boost your child’s education productivity easily while studying through a virtual learning portal. Always remember that chaotic educational conditions are problematic in traditional schools and the same goes for your dedicated digital schooling space as well. 

Set a study schedule-

K8school, India’s first recognized online school offers the blessing of a flexible study schedule for your loved one. However, this does not mean that you can be haphazard and unorganized. If you do not dedicate your child’s most productive hours to studies, you will have lots of pending work someday.

This thumb rule is quite important when you are in the duration of asynchronous learning. So, when the teacher is not taking a class, you need to keep in mind your role of channelizing your child’s energy within flexible learning patterns. Trust me, all this is very is easy if you create your study time-table or day planner.

Learn to avoid distractions-

With a buzzing phone, game notification, doorbell, and the fragrance of a yummy dish, our home has all of this at any time of the day. But when it comes to studying through a virtual learning portal, we need to minimize all distractions.

Yes! Your family life, other chores, interests, and mobile phone addictions can lead to the loss of some productive time for your child. So, you need to consciously create a silent zone at the time of their study hours. It is just going to take a day to get this sorted. 

Once you start doing this, it will soon fall into your schedule every day. So, take note of these things as well.

Keep yourself motivated-

Self-directed learning can do wonders for you if you keep up the momentum going. As life has a set of challenges for each one of us, being motivated is one important aspect that can help anyone at any point. Choose some strategies of motivation that work best for you and your child to keep the spirits high. Trust the tried and tested reinforcement strategies suggested by the top educationalists as useful tools for your child’s academic success.

Do not forget to take breaks-

A virtual school is fun and interesting. But, while planning your child’s study schedules, make sure you do not skip the breaks. Try not to stretch them beyond limits. As it will create a monotonous situation and the child will not enjoy his education. Choose the blessing of virtual schooling and utilize the breaks for healthy snacking, meals, etc. 

Do not forget to rejuvenate yourself and your child with chunks of some nice recreational activities. You can also include music if you want.


Setting up a virtual learning space is an important step towards a fruitful digital learning experience. If you keep in mind these simple points, this endeavor will be easy and productive for you.

Remember that an organized and well-managed schooling environment supports your learning throughout.

So, now that you have all the knowledge of setting up a virtual study space. Take the next step of choosing virtual schooling now.

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  1. Aarav

    Will definitely adhere to these points to enhance the virtual learning experience. Actually my biggest distraction while taking class is my pet Duke, he is so cute…I always feel like spending time with him and because of that sometimes my studies suffer

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