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Preschool at Home: Fun-Filled learning for kids

Preschool at home is a wonderful opportunity for parents to monitor their child’s learning at home. And it also allows them to spend some extra quality time with their loved ones!

Nowadays, several preschool kids are exposed to screen-time (television, and devices, etc.). And this time can be easily channelized for better educational purposes.

Many stakeholders have accepted the vision of online schooling in India as a new normal. And for the ones who are skeptical about its advantages at the preschool level, we are presenting this detailed article.

India’s first accredited online school, K8School can shape up your child’s academic journey in the Kindergarten stage :

Preschool years are imperative for academic foundation:

As per UNICEF, 0 to 8 years are the most important years for a child’s growth and development. The quality of education imparted in these years largely affects the outcomes across all stages of formal education. And it is an important period to create a sound academic base for the student.

At K8School, we acknowledge the importance of these initial years in your child’s life. And our Preschool curriculum is carefully designed to give the right head start to your child’s academic journey.

Our preschool methodology

At-home learning is perfect to help your child master the concepts and key fundamentals of preschool education. Our teachers make use of the most researched online teaching pedagogies. And they amalgamate these to make basic reading, writing, and arithmetic utmost enjoyable for young learners. We go beyond the regular strategies of preschool teaching (like voice modulation, repetition, recognition, etc.). And add that touch of socio-emotional learning to focus on your child’s personality development.

Customized preschool program through our platform builds basic problem-solving and reasoning skills in the learners. And we add some interesting hands-on activities to allow them more movement. Concepts like shapes, sizes, seasons, space, and body awareness etc. are super-engaging in an online learning environment. Because kids can enjoy free movement. And learn through captivating graphics in a joyous educational setting.

We bring out that spark of creativity!

With virtual schooling, your home settings can be transformed into a creative and happy learning space for your child. Our Kindergarten schooling program is designed on the model of application-based learning. And we add extra elements to stimulate the student’s learning. Our expert preschool teaching faculty promotes inquisitiveness in young learners. And we spark creativity through game-based approaches and innovative teaching techniques.

Our virtual preschool classroom is full of opportunities to explore. And our young learners enjoy their learning through interesting activities complemented with our virtual educational content. Imagine the fun of learning addition through simple props like hairpins or cushions! And what better than strengthening this understanding by watching a super fun educational video.

Isn’t this an ultimate combination of hands-on learning along with multisensory involvement? Yes! Our preschool program has all this and much more in store!

Maximum engagement guaranteed

Virtual schooling is by far the most engaging educational choice to promote active learning in students. It has a unique advantage to strengthen conceptual understanding. And that too in a fun-filled and happy way. With K8School’s preschool at home program, you can witness your child’s productive engagement each day. And this joy of learning seamlessly translates into a never-ending ‘love for learning’ in the years to come.

With the unparalleled advantage of technology, we connect the learning of systematic phonics, word comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary. And all this is seamlessly integrated into our play-based teaching approach. 

Our preschoolers enjoy a mesmerizing educational experience through our world-class online resources. And the immersive learning experiences through our platform are certainly one of a kind!

A bit about parental involvement

Kindergarten program through our online school does not demand much of a parent’s time. Our teachers are capable of engaging students in a virtual space. And they do not require the parent’s presence all the time during the class. We stay in touch with the parents for any prop or prior preparation (such as arranging for some material for an activity). And parents can stay worry-free during the virtual class and carry on with their priorities.

All parents who wish to accompany their kids during the classes are welcome to do that! But for the ones who are stuck amongst other work priorities are free to leave their children in the able hands of our trained online teachers.

Our accreditation

Our accreditation speaks volumes about our academic excellence and efficiency. We successfully maintain our world-class standards under the guidance of a renowned accrediting agency, Cognia. We are dedicated to function on the lines of the leaders in the global education industry. And we follow a continuous improvement plan to provide truly international education right here in India. With K8School, you can experience the advantages of new-age education in the post-Covid world. And this paradigm shift is a roadmap to success in the years to come.

K8School stands out with its age-appropriate curriculum, international teaching standards, and prestigious Cognia accreditation.

Hope we are now on the same page

With K8School, preschool at home is fun!

Book our free demo session to witness our readiness for world-class preschool education!

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