The Perfect Blend of Indian and American Education Framework

Experience the Perfect Blend of American and Indian Education system with K8 School, India’s first recognized online school.

In India, we always strive for a world-class education. Our education policies and structures are revised with this sole aim of improvement. However, due to the problems in the Indian education system, the quality of education has been degraded. Even in the 20th year of the century, we are failing to meet the needs of 21st-century learning.

In recent months, a significant step was taken to improve the education system in India. After 28 years, after the revised New Education Policy of 1992, the original policy of 1986 is updated by the new National Education Policy, 2020. This policy aims to bring out the best in the learner. With this improved version of our policy, we expect great results in the years to come. However, there is a lot more that we still need to achieve.

It makes us remember a quote from Helmut Schmidt, “The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.”

As a leader in the world’s most advanced online education delivery system, the USA stands out for its well researched online curricula delivery and learner-centric practices.

By adding the elements of world-class American education, we can certainly create extraordinary learning experiences for our students. At K8 School, we have created a combination of the Indian education system’s advantages and the best practices of American education.

We acknowledge the futuristic aspects of our new education policy and complement it with the best practices of the American Education system.

Let’s understand the best aspects of the US education system incorporated in the Indian school settings.

# Aim to meet the varied learning needs of the student

As universal inclusion remains our priority, it can be materialized only with a learner-centric instructional delivery. With online schooling, we make every student experience the blessing of personalized education. This means that all learners learn more, better, and meaningfully despite their physical challenges and living conditions. Online schooling gives them the right amount of freedom, along with expert handholding.

We believe in realizing the goal of inclusion highlighted in our new education policy and materialize it with the idea of ‘equal opportunity for all students’ based on the recommendation of the US Ministry of Education. (Source- Every Student Succeeds Act).

Imagine a student learning happily and joyfully without compromising on his learning style. A perfect example of Americanized Indian revolutionary personalized schooling!

# Adding a dimension of self-paced flexible education

Another significant aspect of the American education system that we have adopted is the idea of ‘self-paced flexible learning. In K8 School, we believe in creating a conceptual understanding of a sound academic foundation. We cater to the areas of improvement of each student so that they can master their weak areas. By devoting time to topics as per one’s individual needs, a student can improve academically. Online schooling makes room for this high-quality learning level, as emphasized in both the Indian and US Education system.

# Skill Building as one of our aim

Critical thinking, problem-solving and advanced communication are some of the essential 21st-century skills. What better than inculcating these skills through online curricula. While the Indian schooling system acknowledges evidence-based thinking, our accredited online school has already started working on 21st-century skill-building. The American education system and technology-based schooling effortlessly improve these skill sets in students. Indeed, our students get the best of both systems and become lifelong learners.

# Instructional practices and values

The psychological aspects of our programs are similar to those of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) initiatives in the US. Our middle school educational goals are all about improved understanding and emotional well-being, quite similar to STEM education’s learning goals.

Wrapping it up:

We all grow up with aspirations to improve ourselves and the world around us. Very often, we find ourselves stuck amidst decisions and choices. The process to evolve, experiment, and improves never ends in life.  

With the best of the American and Indian education system, our students unleash new possibilities within the comfort of their homes.

K8 School, India’s first recognized online school, makes it possible for them. At K8 School, you experience world-class education in every sense of the term!

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