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The Role of a Parent as Learning Coach in Online Schooling:

Personalized learning through an online school requires the support of a parent. Because a good learning coach can not only help students to excel academically but also make digital education happy and enjoyable for them. As a guardian/parent, you need to know your role well as a learning coach before you take up 100% online schooling.

So, this is an attempt to acquaint you with the role of a parent in the academic journey of your child as an online student:

# Managing productive study time

The first and foremost role is to see to it that the set schedules are met. As we know that in an online environment, a student studies with flexible schedules. At times, these schedules are disturbed because of certain commitments and priorities. A parent playing the role of the learning coach should plan ahead for the completion of certain tasks as and when they are missed. Setting practical study schedules and compensating for possible disturbances make the overall online education endeavor easier.

# Helps in becoming an independent student-

The next point is related to the inculcation of independent habits in a student. If a parent makes an attempt to instill a sense of ownership in students, he/she is likely to become quite independent and self-driven at the middle school stage. This does not mean that the student should be made to study by himself all the time. Instead, a balanced approach should be followed to make students responsible for their studies. At a later stage in life, this quality makes students capable of pursuing even the most difficult distance courses easily. I hope you agree that we need to instill such futuristic qualities in children right from the beginning. Because we all know that the world is becoming more and more competitive day by day.

# Connecting with school staff in times of need–

During homeschooling, it is also essential role of a parent to get in touch with the school teaching and non-teaching staff as and when it is required. With the expert guidance of these professionals, a coach can track and address academic gaps, deadline related, and progress related issues timely.

# Available for help as and when required

Elementary and middle school students need a lot of assistance during their starting years of online education. A parent can supports students during asynchronous learning when the teacher is not conducting a class with him/her.

# Motivate a student –

The use of reinforcement strategies and appreciation is important even with homeschooling in India. A learning coach can help the student largely by using simple yet effective strategies to motivate him/her. Trust me, your verbal and non-verbal appreciations can do wonders for your child as a learner.

# Helps in creating meaningful learning experiences-

Improved learning experiences and high quality standards are the key benefits of online schooling. As a learning coach is instrumental in navigating the learning of a student, it is all the more important to add value and quality to a student’s education. It is great to plan educational activities, recreational trips, family visits, and other real-life experiences for a student’s enrichment. Trust me, online education becomes better with these added dimension through a parent.

Final Words-

As a parent, your role is important in your child’s holistic development. From purposeful student engagement to planning and execution of study plans, your guidance can make an ocean of a difference in your child’s learning.

And as far as the quality of education and the instructional delivery is concerned

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So, let’s join hands together and see the fruit of our hard work shaping up in your child’s success stories!

3 thoughts on “The Role of a Parent as Learning Coach in Online Schooling:”

  1. Meenakashi manas

    I feel that result is always great when both the school and the parents work as a team and stay connected for the development of the child. A well-brought-up child is the work of both school and parents.

  2. Kunal Rawat

    Whether it is homeschooling, online schooling, or regular traditional schools, the contribution of the role of a parent is important. That is why it is my priority to spend quality time with my son. Thanks for this blog

  3. Shivjyot

    Your article is really an eye-opener for many.

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