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Ways to Engage Visual Learners

As the name suggests, visual learning style is a preference to view and process information. Some experts reveal that visual learners are also good with auditory strategies. And many teachers make use of audio-visual tools to engage these students in a classroom. While there can be a close relationship between one’s ability and preference, the knowledge of these individual styles can always help a teacher.

Let’s take up this style today and see how best we can help these learners reach their highest potential:

What is Visual Learning Style?

A visual learner learns best through viewing, watching, or through observations. They make use of their eyes as the main sensory gateway throughout the learning process. These students are quite common in an online class/traditional classroom. And this fact is also backed by data such as research and survey samples.

In a diverse group of students, this style dominates a bigger fraction of students. As a result, most teachers incorporate the elements of this style to support learners of all types. These individual choices and dominant traits are a great support to apply appropriate strategies within a classroom. So, let’s dig deeper and find out some signs to identify visual learners in a classroom.

How to Identify Visual Learners in a Classroom?

  • These students learn better through pictures, charts, diagrams, and written information.
  • They often make notes to refer back to these for revision and for understanding content.
  • These individuals also look for hints that are in the form of visuals.
  • Such students participate less in a classroom, but they enjoy watching videos and music, etc. 
  • Their understanding is the best when they are given a demonstration on a whiteboard/blackboard.
  • They mostly grasp concepts with examples that they understood through visuals/flashcards/maps/diagrams/pictures, etc.
  • They make great use of technology and online resources (like animations, graphical presentations and slideshows, etc.).

Strategies to Help Visual Learners Succeed in Classroom

  • Use of colors- Students with a dominance of this particular style enjoy gazing at colorful images, presentations, or content. Eye-catchy presentations, animations, motion pictures or slides, etc. are a delightful experience for them.
  • Utilize sensory learning- They can also be engaged with some planned sensory experiences such as collating pieces of a jigsaw puzzle or using stackable pieces etc. A teacher can give them an enhanced sensory experience by selecting the appropriate material that can appeal directly to their eyes.
  • Picture into words- Another way of helping out these students is to give them activities that involve seeing and recollecting information. They are good at framing mental representations of the images that they see. Hence, they love to participate in activities that can allow them the opportunity to see and respond to a particular question/scenario. It is noteworthy that these students can find it difficult to come up with instant answers due to their mind’s ongoing process of processing information. They are capable of doing well and take their own route to create their own understanding/construct their own knowledge.

Let’s move on to some of the activities that can support visual learners in a classroom!

Activities for Visual learner

  1. Games with maps and clues-  These individuals are the best with illustrations and visual clues. Help these students with some interesting activities that involve problem-solving in real-life scenario. You can create activities like finding missing pieces of a puzzle, collating a list of items as per a sequence (scattered at a different place), or simply creating different designs with a given set of games/toys/art material. The idea is to give them visual clues through maps (for directions) or instructions that are interconnected with the next level of the activity.All this can go well with these students.
  2. Following images- With most of these students, pictures or images act as a tool to learn and understand new concepts/information. You can always involve them with a mix of pictures and ask them to recollect what they saw to check for their understanding.
  3. Online Resources- Students who are enrolled in an online school have the privilege to utilize the best online resources. But now, it is also possible for the ones in traditional schools to discover the possibilities of digitalization. And enjoy an immersive learning experience through online tools and game-based learning.  

Some Weaknesses of Visual Learners

  • Might need repeated instructions- Many times students with a dominance of this style are too engrossed in the captivating content. They might miss out on some instructions or inputs by the teacher, as they focus on the content and tend to ignore their surroundings.
  • Demand more resources- For many teachers, these students can be difficult at times as they need more advanced technology or excellent artistic skills (from the teacher’s side) with lots of variations. It can be a tedious process to plan their classes, and for many schools/teachers, there can be a concern with the cost factor as well.

In a country like India with only 2 out of 10 schools that have internet access, this cost factor can be a huge concern.

  • Continuous focus- To create good mental representations these students need to be highly attentive in class. At times, it is not possible for students to stay attentive. 100% And their level of distraction can have an adverse effect on their learning styles. Another noteworthy point is that many such learners already have a low level of concentration. They completely rely on visuals to hold their attention.

Final Thoughts

For visual learners, technology has been a game-changer. Leading institutions such as online schools are addressing their learning needs without increasing the burden on teachers or the parent community. The elements of game-based learning and high-quality online resources are a perfect mix for these individuals. You can know more about these cost-effective resources by visiting the official website of K8 School.

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