What 2020 has taught us?

2020 was the last year of the second decade of the 21st century. This year was also the year that forced the entire course of humanity to look back.  The events in this year as faced by humanity were not favorable ones. It is said to be one of the most dreaded years. But all these hardships faced by humanity taught us some valuable lessons, which we probably forgot during the rat race of the 21st century.

The great poet William Wordsworth rightfully quoted,” Nature never did betray, the heart that loved her”.

Wordsworth, W. (1907). Lines composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey. Adams Press.

In our everyday struggle, we probably had forgotten nature. Time has been the witness of the great power mankind has. Humans have a tendency to learn from their mistakes and adapt themselves to the new requirements time has imposed upon them.

Maybe that is the reason Robert Schuller believed,’ Problems are not the stop signs, they are the guidelines”.


2020: Look back in deference

This year started on a burning note. The people, the law, the forest, the oceans, and every other thing seemed to be on fire. Things seemed to worsen up when the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global emergency following the coronavirus outbreak.

Things had changed drastically since then. Following the viral outbreak, the world saw an emergence of the new normal. The attitude of life and the lifestyle saw a complete 360o turn within the span of a few days. Globally this turn occurred during the start of the spring. In India, it was probably the end of the spring that saw those changes.

The lockdown imposed on the people of India was probably the time when the major changes in everyday life happened. During the initial days, when people stayed home, they started reconnecting with the people, the emotions of themselves and others, and a lot more.

Probably realizing the truth in the words of Dorothy in Wizard of Oz stating to her Aunt Em that there is no place like home. Things were different and hence the ‘new normal’ came into practice in our everyday life. Nature healed when humanity was at a halt. The clear skies and clearer skylines, birds, fishes, and animals returning to the places where they were once common, age-old rivers were clean after decades, the ozone hole healed and many other scenarios all over the globe came into the limelight.

The rise of the new normal:

But things came under a different light when the life on Earth seemingly stopped. With people losing their jobs, schools shutting down for an infinite period, the disturbance in the global economy, etc, greatly affected millions of lives for the long term.

This new normal made us adapt ourselves to the need of the time. This results in the rise of various new cultures such as online classes, online school, work from home, etc.

There are many such events in 2020 for which words fall short.

2020: The year of learnings

It is impossible to list all the direct and indirect lessons, this year had taught us in a few words. However, some of the important learnings of this year include:

When we learned to empathize :

A sense of empathy rose among the people towards each other. The viral outbreak, probably, united the world irrespective of nationality, caste, creed, race, orientation, etc.

When we learned to appreciate :

This year we learned to appreciate all those little things we generally overlook in our everyday hectic schedule. From the local street vendor to our corona warriors, people all over the world learned to appreciate the people and their contribution to overcome the ongoing hardships.

When we learned to cherish :

This year had taught us to be not just appreciative but also thankful and satisfied with what we have. We were reminded of the famous quote by Goitsemang Mvula.

In this quote, she asks to “Cherish the days as they come, for history records everything as it is or as we want it to be.”

When we learned to fight :

This year also catered to our fighting spirits. The global citizens united and faced the difficult times heads up despite being quarantined. Technology came out as their weapon to combat this difficult time. This gave rise to online culture. These days each and every part of life is now facilitated with an online facility.

The school going kids faced a major set back. This resulted in setting up the preface for the emerging online school. The culture of online school though is relatively new in India, it is getting immense popularity among parents and children.

When we learned to grow :

With all these emerging demands of the time, we learned to grow. We developed an understanding of the new age demand and adapted ourselves in respect to them.

We have already moved forward, and their is hardly any chance to move back.

In conclusion

2020 has been a year full of learning and growth. It has made us realize the impact of many small things from washing hands to working from home. The increase in the online mediums has caused a drastic change in the lives of many positively. This might not be the best year we witnessed but it surely is one of the most memorable year for many.

On the behalf of K8 School, I wish all our ardent readers, devoted parents, enthusiastic students, and my dear team members a very happy new year 2021. May this year brings all of us lots of joy and happiness.

2 thoughts on “What 2020 has taught us?”

  1. Vidhi

    Exactly! This is what we all learnt in the year 2020. This is so relatable.

  2. Sakshi

    The year 2020 has taught us a lot of patience and realization. We used to run after the luxuries which were not at all required for our happiness. Initially, everybody was frustrated but then there comes the realization that what we needed the most was each other’s time. In fact, children too need time more than any gift.

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